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How Do I Love Myself
I had to reply to the person who posted about being abused and "self-hatred".

Counseling is not what you need. You need Jesus.

Coming from personal experience myself until I knew who I was in Christ I could not see my self worth in the Natural.

Renew your mind to the Word of God. Receive the Bible's truth about your identity and then walk ye in it.

The Thief Was Not Baptised
Water baptism was before Christ died for the remission of sin.

Salvation comes through faith or belief, as the thief did on the cross.

Jesus baptises in the Holy Spirit and with fire.

John's ministry preceeded Christ's. Christ was very clear about baptism. It had to do with the Holy Spirit NOT with water.

Should Christians Think
There is no such thing as 'blind faith'.

Even the Old Testiment teaches, "in all your getting, get understanding".

One cannot truly believe unless it becomes a revelation to you.

To say I walk blindly in this world is to say you live in darkness. Jesus is the LIGHT that leads us and guides us by the Holy Spirit and being led always has direction and purpose.

What you lack is faith.

You don't need to see, you need to understand.

Dad Got Me Pregnant
Being an incest victim myself I would truly think about what you desire to gain by revealing the truth to your child.

If your child asks, tell the truth.

If your child does not ask then do not volunteer the information if it makes you uncomfortable.

In time, as your child grows up and is able to process such things as rape, incest and the fact that grandpa hurt you and that you were not consenting, it's good not to say too much too soon.

Every Idle Word Judgement
If your idle words were sin to you and you repented of your sins, these are cleansed and cast from you as far as the east is from the west. It is primarily a principle to realize that your tongue gives you the most trouble in sin.

You will give an account for everything that is not under the Blood of Christ Jesus.

I suggest that you repent, keep your heart clean and your mouth out of trouble.

Are Jews God's Chosen
God never breaks His Covenant. If He would break it with the Jews then He will break it with you.

God blesses Israel for Abraham's sake not because Israel is sinless in His eyes.

There is a difference between kin and the Bride as Joseph was a type and shadow of Christ.

Jesus calls Jews BROTHERS while He calls the Church HIS BRIDE.

King James Only Christian
Before King James was the Jewish Texts and the texts that were translated in Greek (NT)where the King had his translators translate.

I find it funny how religious people say they are the only ones with divine truth.

King James is a measuring rod for the Church but have you ever read a JEWISH BIBLE? If you have then you will know that even the translators of King James got some things wrong too.

The heart of the message was preserved, regardless.

Non-Believing Christians Here
While some call themselves "Christians" this term has been used loosely in the last 30 years. To truly be a believer you must be born again. "Unless a man be born again you cannot enter the Kingdom of God".

So, those professing to be Christian but hate the Bible, refuse to submit to Christ and His teaching CANNOT be Christians.

"CHRISTian" means - to follow the teachings of Christ.

Salvation For Catholics
One must be "born again" regardless of what Church they go to. Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth. Repent of one's sins and to be cleansed through the Blood of Christ for all unrighteousness.

Catholics have just as much ability to receive Christ as anyone else. Unfortunately they get into rituals that are not Biblically based but the Holy Spirit is leading them out of such things.

Remove All Non-Christians
We are to love others true enough but love encompasses so much more than just "getting along". Sometimes we have to tell the truth even if the truth hurts. For the flesh cannot be saved only the spirit of a man. For our soulish realm wars against God because it cannot perceive the things of the spirit.

Do not be afraid to tell others the truth for we are accountable to the truth. If we seek only to please people what does it profit? We are all suppose to be God pleasers.

Explain Genesis 3:15
The prophecy is definately about YESHUA. Greek wasn't even thought about during those days.

It was Mary God chose but He could have chosen any woman that was willing to obey His Word. If God wanted to reveal Mary in the Garden He would have. He did not. He revealed Christ through the Woman, Eve. And just like the first Adam who's sin was brought into the world and the 2nd Adam, CHRIST took it away, so was there a prophesy about the 2nd Eve or Mary who would not conceive a child with sin nature.

Protection From The Anti-Christ
And . . . had Christ not shortened the time no flesh would be saved. The time for making a decision for Christ is now, not then. For it will be harder to resist the idea of taking the mark or being killed. No one truly desires to be a marytr. However, only a remnant of Israel will be spared.

Bible Say About Hypnosis
Giving anyone control of your mind, will and emotions is dangerous. Not everything is written in the Bible but the implications of the affects of hypnosis are very clear.

If one will renew their MIND to the Word of God they would not need hypnosis for anything.

How Do I Know You Are Christian
The Holy Spirit testifies and gives witness that you are Children of God.

One must first believe, confess and repent of one's sins and receive the gift of Salvation through Christ.

There will be an outward expression of an inward change. You cannot be saved without being "transformed" into the Image of Christ day by day. It is the Holy Spirit's work in you that brings about that change.

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