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Praying For A Soul Mate
Check inside and see if maybe you're a bit afraid of love--emotional blocks can delay a soulmates arrival. Make a list instead of three of your greatest fears about falling in love with the wrong person. And let the fears go or ask God to erase them from your subconscious memory. There is a great book out called Divine Complement--all about soulmates. It spells out the psychological road blocks that can keep soulmates apart.

Where Is My Soulmate
Divine timing is set in your heart and summons your Divine Complement to you at that right evolutionary moment. It can happen at 15 or at 70, hopefully you won't have to wait till you're seventy. God's push can speed the process--a little prayer, asking God to bring the person God envisions for you can have remarkable results. Read the new book Divine Complement. It is full of answers for those who looking for their soulmate.

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