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Should The USA Leave Iraq
The British captives will be coming home.
Thank you, Jesus.

Should The USA Leave Iraq
George Washington gave the command to his officers in the Continental Army:
"The General is sorry to be informed that the wicked practice of profane cursing/swearing is growing." "We can have little hopes of the blessing of Heaven on our Arms, if we insult it...every man of character detests and despises it."
George knew we must honor the One who is the Greatest, the Captain of the Armies, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Should The USA Leave Iraq
The One who laid down His life for us, the bravest and Greatest Soldier in history who gives us the Victory.

We honor King Jesus in our actions toward others.
We reverence the Name of God.
Reverence for our Heavenly Father affects our reference for leaders, pastors, parents.
When we reverence the Name of God, that reverence will come into our hearts.

We honor and respect all the young men and women in uniform who serve.
It reflects our honor for the Captain of the Lord's hosts.

Should The USA Leave Iraq
Remember the British soldiers who are being held captive this week. Keep them in your prayers.

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