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Techniques For Spanking Your Kids
A loving spanking may cause a few little tears at the time yet it is the most excellent way to help a hyper child get control of themselves and relax, timeouts work but not in the same way as the child still has pent up excess energies and frustrations spanking therapy also works a lot better then all those dangerous evil drugs so popular now too! The hyper child needs his or her bare bottom lovingly spanked and the only thing bad is the parent or caregiver who can't or won't do this for them! You might be surprised how many children if given a choice of punishments may chose spanking as means to end their frustrations, only from an understanding caregiver of course, I believe this is the way God intended it!

Living With My Boyfriend
The Bible tells us that fornicators will not enter the Kingdom of God. A fornicator is a single person who has sexual activites with another person. God will forgive that person if he, or she, will repent and do not thus any more. Please, do the right thing and have a clear consciend with our Lord Jesus Christ. God makes the laws, not we. Obtain a mrriage licence. God performed the ceremony for Adam and Eve. He made them one.


Let's Exchange Marquee Sayings
I am the Doorkeeper & Marquee changer at my church.I was appointed doorkeeper by GOD. And marquee changer by the pastor.I Enjoy it, because it is part of the things that help make Gods house what it is.

What Does 666 Mean
6 is the number of man. Man lives as if he is his own God. Man lives saying "I don't need God the Creator of all things. The time is now that man is becoming more beligerent in his wicked ways; that means that he is doubly agnostic; that is 66. In the tribulation mentioned in the Book of Revelation, man will be totaly in charge, blaspheming God the Creator, and thinking he has the whole world under his command, totaly man rule 666. Three times the wickedness of man is rampant.

Are We Living In The End-Times
Consider the king of Spain as one who might fill many characteristics of the man of sin, the antichrist.

Is Bulemia A Sin Issue
I'd like to recommend a book by Bill O'Reilly called "Culture Warrior". It may come in handy to God's Saints dealing in spiritual warfare that is taking over our Churches. How those, such as karen and her pack of wolves deal with those they want to quiet. It's Number 1 on the Best seller list.

How To Find A Marry Counselor
Zachary--I appreciate you being such a man about this whole thing. Looks like Adrienne has a good man in you. I don't know anything about bi-polar disorder, but I pray for healing and wholeness nonetheless. Pease to you.

How To Restore Your Salvation
Romans 8:1 states "Therefore there is no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, WHO WALK NOT AFTER THE FLESH, BUT AFTER THE SPIRIT." Some seem to leave out the latter part of this verse, possibly because they want to continue in sin and believe they are right with God. We cannot walk in sin and at the same time walk in the Spirit. There is condemnation when a person walks in carnality (sin), not in Spirit.

People Burn Forever in Hell
If one has not repented of sins and has not trusted and believed in Christ Jesus as his/her Savior, is on the road to everlasting punishment. The devil sets up his ideas to cheat individuals from living righteously and godly in this world. It is his job to lie and spread his venom, making people think there is no eternal punishment for the wicked. Read Luke (Bible) about the rich man.

Can You Lose Your Salvation
You have a choice. God gives you a choice to choose. You choose to stay with God or return to the devil. "He who is coming to me, I will not cast away." There is right and wrong, cold and hot. If we don't come to Him we keep going away from Him. Come to Him, obey Him, Love Him at all times, and you can stay in grace with Him. Love will keep us together.

Fornicate And Still Be A Christian
Thanks to all for the comments you gave.I appreciate them. It seems as though some want to overlook sin and some think we should live righteously. God hates sin. "The wages of sin is DEATH, everlasting punishment in the lake of fire. Anyone, whether male or female, who lives in sin without repentance and turning to God is already judged by the Word of God. The Bible states that the saints will judge the world.

Should A Pastor Counsel Women
I appreciate all the answers that you gave; I believe you are right. There is a problem in a third person hearing, and there may be a problem, sometimes, if a pastor is not discreet in mentioning the woman's problem to others of the congregation.

Purpose Of Talking In Tongues
Carol, a tongue mentioned in the Bible is a language; it may be English, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, or any other language. We are taught to speak in a language we know; if one does not understand it, we are to have someone to interpret it for us, so others can understand what we are saying.

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