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Having A Form Of Godliness
To me "denying the power", is Lack of faith. There are many promises in God's word that people know about but don't trust. God wants us to have faith in him to provide all our needs. When the apostles were sent out Jesus told them not to take any provisions, They were truely walking by faith. Also in Acts, it talks about the first church where they sold all their belongings and gave it to the church where it was distributed as needed. Have you ever considered trusting God (the great physian) to heal you, before, instead of after seeking a Dr's assistance. God wants us to seek, and trust in his power, for all our needs. "Without Faith it is impossible to please God"

Spiritual Warfare Attacks

I have also had an occuring dream about demons. I have for years now dreamt about demons about to possess me, however when it is about to take place,in my dream I pray the Lord's prayer and fight off the demon. I also physically fight hard to wake up and i do.
There was a posting regarding past occult situations. All i could say is that my xgirlfriend cast a spell on me by going to a witch doctor but I confronted her and told her that My real God is much powerful than hers and I prayed a lot.
Just pray before u go to sleep, I at times put on some Christian songs while I sleep and that also helps....also putting Jesus Christ' blood on my dreams as well. Hope this helps, please pray for all of us that have these dreams. God Bless you all

Stealing From God
Tithing using the word storehouse is not only wrong but is only used 2 x in the bible. The first is as mentioned in Malachi, the second is in Luke. Neither refer to the church. WIth that being said, the author is correct in that if we spent less time preaching tithing and more time giving both of our abilities and as Paul so aptly stated "Cheerfully" translated as a type of JOY(one of the fuits of the spirit, we as a universal Church body of Christian Believers or the individual churches would not suffer financially.
Also being a good steward is considerably more important than TITHING.Peace and hope that helps.
Peace Brother

Should We Mourn For Sinners
If we look at how Jesus treated the woman at the well, it seems that knowing the heart and listening for opportunity allows for love to enter where it is not humanly possible. Jesus also face sin with the intent of offering hope. The bible says pray without ceasing, so if loving a sinner is difficult, remember all have sinned and come short of the glry of God and if we as Christians dont extend Grace, it cant be done!
take care
and be blessed

Can The Holy Spirit Leave
Lose your salvation? Please read 1 Corinthians 3:12-16. Here is an example of those with no "good works" and yet this scripture says their soul will be saved. Do you maintain your salvation by your works or by faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross?

Why Don't I Speak In Tougues
Art5597. If you are taught against tongues, you will not be able to do by faith. All true, Christians, have the Holy Ghost, within, and able to speak and pray in the Holy Ghost.(unknown tongues) Jude 1:20
For Assembly:
The Holy Spirit gives several (of the 9 gifts) gifts to each believer for use in the chursh. ! Cor. 12:11. Of course, not everyone has same gifts of these 9. One of these gifts is Known tongue because of gift of interpretation. They work hand in hand within the congregation.

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