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World Ending In 2012
Only God knows the future or when He will judge the world. The mayan prediction is not of God but, of this world.

Should We Eat With Non-Christians
If we do not eat with sinners then, how are we to minister to them? Jesus ate with sinners unlike the Pharisees. Jesus came to save us, to show (the unbelievers) that God loves us.

Jesus On The Cross
Sorry, but you guys are thinking like 21st century North Americans. In order to understand the Messiah's "week" of hours on the Cross, you'll need to think like 1st century Jews.

Once again, from the third hour to the ninth hour inclusive is 7 hours, not 6. Do the math, guys.

Jesus On The Cross
The third hour, according to first century Jewish thinking, would have been hour #1, the fourth hour would have been hour #2, the fifth hour would have been hour #3, the sixth hour would have been hour #4, the seventh hour would have been hour #5, the eighth hour would have been hour #6, and, finally, the ninth hour would have been hour #7. Apparently then the Lord Jesus would have been on the cross for a total of seven hours altogether.

Is Amercia In The End Times
us is a major player because the antichrist system is a way of thinkimg for example wall street, abortion crooked pols etc the idea of the return of the roman empire is foolish , the united nations is the image of the beast- it was created by man and mirrors the power of the world system- just like during the war in kuwait all the nations of the world will gather in the middle east under one flag the united nations to stop an invasion of israel as it says in the scripture they took half of the city- they means arab nations on that day christ will return- they day of the lord is like a thousand years, the idea of a rapture prior to the day of the lord if foolish- the idea that the 144,000 are al jweish virgins is foolish-

Roles Of Women In Church
People we are out of track . mans we lost trust from God . a man is a head of the house.not womens.

Christians Casting Out Demons
Go to the ends of the earth and heel people in the name of father the son and the holy spirit . yes

Get Saved By Something Clicking
Sorry ,what clicked? where ? thats a lie from the enemy

How Do You Baptise
Guys we lost the structure of a church , who told the people that a poster is the teacher in the church? Where is the 5foulds ministry fits in the church?

How Do You Pray
The prayer that was give by Jesus involves praise,worship and the things you want say to God . Amen

Catholic and Protestant Marriage
Wow, after reading these posts I'm wondering now more than before. You see I'm a Christian and I've just married a Muslim woman who I love very much. I never really thought of the confusion that children might have. But we are both certain that God has put us together. I'm sure he has a plan to work it out for us too.

Am I A Prophet Of God
I think perhaps it is wrong for us to judge whether or not this is a message from God. However, it is simply being able to say something which someone was thinking. For it to mean you are perhaps a prophet it would have to have meaning. For all prophets always spoke with a meaning and spiritual content that meant something important.

Explain The 2,300 Day Prophecy
Lee - You wrote "Geoff - The Bible is NOT silent on the Investigative Judgment.

You certainly got that one right!"

Now Lee - What is the Investigative judgment?

Why The Sabbath Is A Big Deal
What is the Moral Law? Please give examples from the Bible.

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