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Supernatural God Experience
I have a ton but a really cool one...I was playing at church for one of the first times and I was so scared I prayed for help and as I prayed I tripped and fell backwards but before I hit the wall behind me I felt someone catch me and when I turned to thank one was there and right after that...I wasn't scared anymore

How To Stop My Anger Problems
I'm going through the same things. I just broke up with my girlfriend because of the anger that I take out on her. I have no clue how to stop my outbursts, but I am looking up treatment and medecines to possibly stop these issues.

Should Christians Tithe
Yes because when Jesus died on the cross, he did it for all of us and we tithe because we owe him something.If he did not die we would go to Hell.

What Is A Sin Unto Death
Bible states: fornication and adultery are against the body. Jesus atoned for all sin to free us from it's power to condemn., but there are some sins which have a physical reward,I think Paul was really saying: Don't ask for the knowledge of what that sin is because once you know then you are accountable.Sowing to the flesh always reaps corruption in the flesh, even death that is why we all die.

Can I Marry A Muslim
Add no pain to pain! the bible is plain about this. the man might not be evil even at the long-run, but there shall and will be belief conflicts, which might be sso so divastating, this i know by the spirit, except the man is not a serious muslim.

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