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Should Christians Use Curse Words
Most of the verses you guys post are talking about the context of your speach, not the words you use.Read col 2 about people that make rules where they don't exist in scripture. No you shouldn't cuss, it's not a sin. Yes it could be a sin as much as any word could be if used with the wrong message behind it. If you teach people this behavior is part of being a christian, what other WORKS do you teach them they must do for grace? This is an unholy theological redherring that is a shadow of what is important in the faith.

Can A Priest Forgive Sins
Not only can a priest forgive sins, but any mature believer can as well. Do you imply Jesus lied to 11 apostles? That's a heckuva position to hold. There seems to be the requirement that you are Spirit controlled/driven/filled whatever as a sign of maturity to forgive them. Ultimately you don't forgive them, but declare them forgiven and Adonai signs off on the release. I'll side with scripture not your dogma. PS I'm not rcc nor orthodox nor anglican.

Once Saved Always Saved
When you are saved then your spirit is literally born again and God becomes your father. Your old spirit dies and a new one is created. 1 John says that his seed is in you and you cannot sin. Your spirit cannot sin, you are God's child and have His nature. Getting into heaven is a result of being born again because you are made righteous. Being born again cannot be undone. I can say my son is not mine but it's not physically possible. He's our righteousness, His nature is in us.

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