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Leave Mel Gibson Alone
It's very unfortunate that all of Mr. Gibson's problems have been aired in public. He is a brilliant man who has done nothing but screw up since he left his marriage. He once said on TV that his wife kept him grounded. Looks like he was right. Let's all get off his back and hope he can settle his problems without any more incidents.

Who is Peter Popoff?
Peter Popoff? I think false gospel, preying on the elderly and people who are desperate.

Were There Christian Presidents
It is not a Constitutional requirement that the president be christian. I do not think we had one, however we had Catholic and Protestant and are't these followers of Jesus Christ?

What's Up October 2009
I know the bank you are talking about Trish, Their telephone access is still down. Long lines here in NYC, I have to go to the bank directly to do any kind of transaction.I pray that by Monday all is back to normal in Jesus name.

Is Preteen Dating Appropriate
Crushes are normal! I am sure everyone here at one time or another had one! If parents are there with children of the same ages socializing, it helps to build selfesteem.

What's Up October 2009
Fall is beautiful! I love the spectular colors and the chill. However, today at work someone came into my classroom during a firedrill and stole my wallet. It contained all my IDs, my pay stubs that has all pers'l info. money, metrocard for the train and bus, my children pictures, bank card, credit card.The money is not important. I feel violated! Pls. pray that who ever took it return it on Monday. God Bless, thanks

Spank About 15 Times
I am Amazed at this and others who continue to spank their child(ren) and of course thinks it is fine. How old? why do you think it is necessary to spank? does your child continue the behavior? 15 hits is extream! Your hand gauge the "pain" to help "you" Come On, who is feeling the pain? It says in the Bible do not provoke your child to anger, I think This will cause Anger and Fear in your child. Fear of You!

Hinduism vs Christianity
Suneet, Being Christians is not Forced on any one.Everyone has free will,It is not a religion we are followers of Jesus Christ, "Christians".Here are some facts disputing some of your comments. Hinduism, each one is reincarnated, after death your are born again into Various life forms, not necessary humans. In the Bible it says and I believe, upon death of our bodies"absent from the body present with the Lord". Another fact, in India there are may villages where Christians homes are burned and our christians brothers and sisters are beaten by both Hindus and Muslims.

Martial Law Declared In USA
OK Mima, What is going on with you? I read many of your blogs and your questions border on the side of paranoia.

Does Obama Follow Evil Plan
This statment IS False!

Continue To Spank My Teenager
Wow!Spanking at 11 and 13. I believe is humilation at this age. preteen and a teenager YOU do not have to spank to "get you point across" at this age there are many things you can do.No allowance, TV, Malls, can not talk to or visit friends for period of time etc.

Senator Ted Kennedy Died
I was sadden by this death. It is the end of a man who has done so much to help so many others, and neglect his own pers'l life for so long. May he rest in peace, and my prayers to his family who has endure so much.

Fly Jews To Israel
I am not sure how accurate this statment is that I heard from a few Ministers. That"Christians are be discriminated against in Isreal" Makes me wonder if thousands of Christians wants to suddenly migrate to Isreal what will be the response?

My Husband Cheated On Me
First of all sister, remember Jesus said I will never forsake or leave you. He is there with you, I pray that GOD strengthen and comfort you. 5 days is not a long time, you need time for yourself First. Your husband needs to know that YOU are hurt. Its not about HIM now, take your time and talk to someone a christian counslor can be very helpful.God bless you

Rate The President
Elder:The President did not call the officer stupid, he said the Conn. Police dept. Acted Stupidly. 2.The Professor show his creditals? which he did, the officer cannot arrest him for PUBLIC lewdness in his OWN home,(the officer should have left upon see the Mr. Gates ID) the charges has been drop.3 You are obivioulsy a member of the Birthers(LOL),He was born in Hawaii, Surprise!! a State
3.Pastor Wright is a Christian Pastor.
4.OH! here is a Fact McCain was born in Panama not a state, but a US base. Stick to the Facts!

Lack Of Physical And Emotions
I am sorry to sound harsh but as a newlywed, did you not know these things about your husband before the marriage? Did you not laugh, walk holding hands, go out to theaters, dinners talk on the phone. In other words you did not feel loved or "turned-on" before?

Rate The President
Linda The President "involved in murdering hundereds of Kenyans with his family? telling lies and gossiping or YOU were present and have all the facts! Telling lies and gossiping, very unbecoming of a christian or are you trained in the non-facts!

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