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Husband Wants Dirty Talk
Tell your husband you are a lady and you are go to act like one .Do you belive this would be pleasing to God ?No

Who is John Hagee?
All one has to do is open the Bible and see that what Mr Hagee says is true.If you follow JESUS teachings it is impossable to be politicly correct.The BIBLE is straight to the point in what is right and wrong.

Type Of Church You Attend
I attend the Church of God. I am Penecostal. I am not accustomed to the new worship procedures of this day and time. I believe in modest apparel, including modest jewelry etc. I like annointed preaching and at the particular church I am attending, the pastor does not seem annointed with his preaching.

Demons Invade Christians
The Lord will not live in unclean vessal If the devil is dwelling in a person the Lord will not be there it's got to Be all God Or all devil

Explain The Trinity To Me
There is no trinty The Father The Son and Holy Ghost are one in the same. God is Spirit
he robed his self in flesh and became Jesus He was all God and he was all all man he lived 33 years in the flesh then he died for our sin he said he would send back acomforter which was his spirt and when we repent he fills us with his spirit because if we didnt have his spirit in us we would have no power over sin to live for him

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