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My Son Just Doesn't Like Me
I am recently going throuh his. My so has not spoken to me for 2 weeks now. The last thing I got was a text saying he couldn't trust me because I had begged him to talk to family members. I wake up praying and cry on and off when it hits me. My so has always been a sweetheart so it doesn't seem like this is happening! He started dating what I thought was a good Christian girl and I encouraged it! Then he shared some really disturbimng controlling and jealous behaviors and I am against this union, but he's in too deep and has chosen her over all of his family! I'm heartbroken! Prayer is all we can do!

Does Purgatory Exist
If you study the history of the Catholic Church(I grew up in the Catholic Religion)
Purgatory was invented as a way of income for the monks.
They got payed for prayers.
The Bible as The Source of Truth,
Jesus said to the fellow on the cross,you'll be with me in heaven this very day.
Now,He didn't say there was a stop over on the way.

I Am Doubting God Exists
I too, was at that place, where I had believed all my life. I came to a place in my life, where I questioned even my own beliefs.
In the book on James it says, you have not because you ask not. So I started asking.
I ask God to show me, that I was having doubts. Where it said your to love God, I said to God How can I love someone I don't know. Fear, how can I love what I fear.
If your heart is open, you will know.
I just couldn't fathum God not there, What would be the use. It has been 15yrs, I am such a happier more secure person.
God has proved Himself over and over.
Try it you'll like Him.

How To Fix The Economy
The best way to fix the economy is to change people's hearts to get rid of greed. Drug companies could cut the cost of drugs by not advertising to the general public just the doctors.
Salaries of doctors and executives need to be frozen or cut.
This will not happen as humans want the best of everything and thus demand high wages.
There is so much waste that could be stopped. We Americans throw so much plastic away instead of recyling. We need to find an economic way to recycle products so we don't use so much petroleum to make new ones.
Fribulous law suits that raise the cost of many things need to stopped or at least put a cap on how money is allowed to be sued for.
It all comes back to greed. Money is the root of all evil.

Never Go To Church Again
Absolutely NOT! Such a personal and public prayer is an adolescent, passive aggressive, Pharisee-type prayer that, whether consciously or not, sets the praying person up to showcase his own disapproval or his own "righteousness" to his audience. He is praying to men and not to God. In doing this, he displeases God and makes himself a fool while causing another man to stumble.

Women With Long Hair
One reason that hair is a women's glory because long, healthy hair indicates that you are living out the fruits of the spirit -love, joy, peace, etc. A woman who is stressed cannot grow long healthy hair. Maintaining a peaceful, loving, patience attitude allows your hair to grow to its fullest extent. How long it grows is entirely up to God. It's the "Thy will be done" way to wear your hair. I have no doubt that God sees you and your hair as beautiful at whatever length it grows.

Would Jesus Be Welcome
I think I heard this song yesterday on AFR, and it struck a chord with me, as I have often wondered the same thing. We have preconceived ideas about Jesus just as the religious leaders of His day did. We make the mistake of interpreting Him through our own culture and therefore creating Him in our image, rather than allowing Him to mold us into His. Anyway, I am really wanting to find this song--can you find out the title and artist for me?

Does God Forgive Divorce
God does not want you to be unhappy. You did not cause this, nor could you control it. Reconcile the fact that you have been betrayed and are a victim here. Seek pastoral advice with your question about divorce. I think it would help you put things at rest. Good luck to you, and God Bless you in your everyday life.

What Day Is The Sabbath
The 7th day of the week is the Sabbath. It was instituted at creation by God Himself.The basis for worship is the fact that God created us. The Sabbath was established for all mankind as a sign between God and His people 2300 years before the existence of the Jews. Does it matter which day we keep? Yes! God set aside a specific day so that we could worship Him as our Creator. Did Jesus do away with this? No! Read Hebrews 4.

My Child Needs A Father
There is always a chance the child could be given up for adoption. Some people think adoption works quite well.
I am sure you feel very hurt. With the right people(lawyer, child welfare counsellor, minister), you might be able to claim for support. Because there does not seem to be a legal marriage there, this will probably involve a DNA test, to prove he is the biological father. But sexual sin is never right: our bodies were not made for that, but for the Lord and the Lord wants to fill our bodies with himself. " 1 Corinthians 6:13
See also 1 John 1:9 and 2:1

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