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The Spirit Of Poverty
God does not care about us having money or things{Ps.84 & 11)as long as they do not have us. we are living in a time where the gospel must not only be heard but seen in the Christian's life.Back in the day "The poorer,the holier worked"but not today. God help us to get more understanding of Your Word. Bless you Rita.

Should Christians Take Loans
Should or should they not is up to the person and their situation at the time. Perhaps they see no other way than to borrow. As Paul said "Lt every man work out his own salvation." I take this to mean his own personal business too. As Jesus said "Judge no man."

Anxiety About Gift Giving
you are just learning how to give with out worrying about what people say about you. you will eventually get to that point

Why Do Christians Judge
Some people don't realize that they are judging others, but it is something to be careful of, because you might find yourself going through that same thing and remembering that you judge someone else in that situation you are in and you just couldn't understand at the time you judged them how they could do what they did, until you remember this is the same thing you are going through and say to yourself wow I see why they did what they did. Matt7:1-2

How To Cast A Demon Out
The way you cast out this demon is by doing the will of God you see what God's will you desire to do his will more than the desires of this world. they will present themselves. So if you are more concern about you and your desires than whatever It is that God has for your life whatever is in your flesh and what you want to do more than God's will is definitely going to come out, and will present itself just like it does at night. There is nothing that want be reveal to you it is now you know what you must do now to get Peace. Do unto others find something that you know that you are good at and would have wanted someone to help you in You are always going to be at your most peace when you are doing for othersand in aand sincere

Paddle His Bare Bottom
I personally think that, theres nothing more effective then a good whacking right across the Bare Tush !

Benny Hinn Needs 2 Million
I believe we're in the last days and many things that were prophiside have already come to past.Even the weather changes I believe is part of it besides wars and rumors of wars and also there are false prophets that even some Christians will believe in are already on Earth. No, I don't believe Mr. Hinn has to have an exact amount. God will provide. It may be by offerings but did God tell him a certain amount. Again God will provide if its His Will. We need to pray for others that are in leadership. barba4843

Husband Likes A Boring Church
I have a similar concern...though some of the replies you have received sound rather pre-judgemental of your concerns without them knowing all the facts of the situation.

I find the sermons in our church incredibly boring not because I want entertainment but because they are so dry and lacking in meat.

I do not believe it is God's will to leave this church however mainly because my husband is a leader. His suggestion was to talk to the pastor and suggest some things I would like to hear more of in the messages. Try talking to the pastor.

Had Two Abortions
love yourself, peace

Overcome Sinful Thoughts
I read an analogy about taming our thought life - you can't prevent birds from flying over your head, but you can sure stop them from making a nest in your hair. Sometimes angry, lustful or rebellious thoughts will pop up, because from the day we trust Christ until the day we die, we're in a war. The devil will do all he can to try and keep us in a state of guilt and self-recrimination. I have some awful thoughts pop into my head sometime. And when they do, before they become full-fledged fantasies or I begin to experience the emotions that come with the thought, I actually visualize grabbing the thought and taking it to the Cross of Christ, handing it to Jesus and thanking Him for taking it, and asking Him to help me think His thoughts.

Christian Rock Satan's Music
As I read through these posts it is clear that most of you are totally uninformed of good Christian rock music. The music is to glorify the Lord not the band. If you want to know the truth, seek out Toby Mac (#1 in reaching people for God), Switchfoot,Kutless,Casting Crows, etc. They are musicians with a true heart for God! It amazes me how people use scripture to come up with all kinds of crazy stuff. Ever think Satan gets you to believe the lies about "Christian Rock" so you dont listen to the words of truth about, Love, Mercy, Redemption and it is Him who saves us.
Get educated people it just may bless your day!

Marry A Man You Don't Like
Ephesians 5 seems to say a woman does not have to be in love. It says that a man has to love a woman the way Christ loved the church. The woman is respect and honor which is easy when he loves you that way.

The Mind Of Christ
We strive to have the mind of Christ. Do we have the mind of Christ and can we know what He thinks or know more than enough to teach Him? No Way...we are His sheep not His shepherd. He guides and instructs us. Our ultimate goal is to be Christ-minded. But, because we are human and not God we will never totally achieve that.

How Has God Blessed You
God has blessed me in many ways...sure I have osteoarthritis and am in pain daily...but praise God that I can feel pain...that I can get up and move around and try to exercise through the pain. I have a warm home (sometimes the Landlord makes it too warm...but warm is better than freezing in a cardboard box under some overpass). I have two beautiful daughters who are for the most part healthy and one incredible stepson and grandson. I have salvation and know that if I ask forgiveness for my sins I receive it.

Give Me This Man
I don't think you should ask in that manner. Ask God to do His Will and if it is His will that you and this man be together that He make it happen. What if this man is not for you? And you "think" God put you together and act on it and it turns out God has something better for you. You would be wasting your time on something inferior to God's best for you.

I believe we should not sit back and expect God to do everything. But, this man is not the only man alive that God has. Ask God to show you His intent.

Should Christians Drink Beer
I am not a drinker, but my answer is no. Jesus turned water into wine and served wine at the Last Supper. Jesus does not promote sin or temp people with sin. It is a sin to get drunk, not to have a drink.

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