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How To Destroy Family Curses
How can Satan cast out Satan? Does this sound familiar?

Once Saved Always Saved
here is your help. rev 3:5, hebrews 6:3-6.
No you are not always saved. you can turn and walk away from your salvation. the other side of the argement is that if it poss to loose your salvation, perhaps you were never saved. This in my opinion contridicts the battle of the flesh in Romans chap 8 and 9. hope this helps

How To Have An Affair
You are committing Adulty. Sin leads to death the word teaches. I would encourage you to end this relationship now and repent. Ask yourself this.. If he would cheat on his current wife what makes you think he wont cheat on you?? If he really loved you he would never have put you into this position in the first place. Or is there a Jezebel spirit at work here??

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