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Should Church Support Widows
Karen, good point,from what i read in reply to my main blog question is that most people think its the worlds duty not the church , perhaps its easier for the church to shut their ears and eyes and hearts to the words of Jesus in this area,perhaps truthful confrontation with Church leaders on issues of the heart is too scary,My prayer LORD tip over the tables for those in need, sweep through your Churches and restore your people your body.

Pastor Gives Tithes Back
Hi all, lets stop in fighting and contentions, we will all give an account before God and God sees our hearts,he is fully aware of all that's occurring in our churches, and therefore perhaps instead of debates that pit us against one another, we ought to focus instead on praying that Gods hand would move through our churches and clean them up for us,tip over some tables so to speak!!Gods not money focused, he is life focused and we should be too,salvation for the lost now that's a Godly heart issue no one needs to debate.

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