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Marriage Ended In Divorce
I was married for 15 years and just got a divorce last year. We have 2 beautiful kids which are our lives. He is seeing someone else, me still single. Things happen for a reason and we may not know what that reason may be. There was a reason as to y u and ur x hubby got a divorce. If it is meant to be for you and ur x to be together then God will make that way.

Girlfriend Won't Give Up Smoking
Look, your girlfriend has every right to smoke as many cigarettes as she wants. Its perfectly legal and there is nothing wrong with her continuing to smoke, whether she only smokes a pack a day or 3 packs a day. You need to accept that fact and be supportive of her and accept her for who she is, a christian smoker.

But for her part, she should try to be more careful around your daughter.

Robertson Legal Marijuana
God does not want us to do anything in excess. I am a christian and if a person does not indulge in drugs before they are legalized they are more then likely not to indulge once it is legal. As a previous Marijuana user myself I know that people do not belong in jail because of it. As a mother of 2 children with Chron's disease I believe that they would benefit from it. To much money is being spent to fight it. You are not going to stop it we found that out in prohibition. All they do is make bad people rich.

Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
Pastor's wives do have a large job. First and foremost is their own families. Their is no role in the Bible called "A pastor's wife." The whole first lady title sounds like idolatry. The body has many members and others should be allowed to excercise their gifts too. It is true Pastors and their wives can be wrong, be in the flesh, their sinners saved by grace just like anyone else. Your Pastor's wife should humbly hear what people are saying and nicely apologize and maybe ask for some help.

Wild Dancing Jumping Church
Donna, love covers a multitude of sins. Are you covering or exposing? Are you obedient or not?

He Doesn't Wash His Hands
If your marriage is in trouble over hygene maybe you have a more serious problem than your husband

Unforgiving Heart Toward Others
Good morning! I have always found it easy to forgive others and have worked hard at doing this all my life. The last few years have been a struggle for me, however, as I have experienced a string of incidents which have caused me depression, loneliness, and grief.I am trying to do many things to improve my prayer life and my Bible study, hoping that this will help me cleanse the anger from my unforgiving heart. Please pray for me to have a forgiving heart as Jesus did when He hung upon the cross and asked for forgiveness for those who had wronged Him to the point of taking His own life. What a wonderful gift to forgive as He did and teaches us to try to do. Let us pray for one another that we can forgive each other as He did and still does!

My Wife Is Verbally Abusive
You describe a possible chemical imbalance of the brain tissue, bipolar, which is often overused and depression. All of these are human physical problems. God can heal us by completely wiping out these problems or He may choose to use medication. Pray brother that the demons who surround her with these types of outbursts will be destroyed by God through the blood of Jesus, for the Holy Spirit to hover over her and you during this spiritual battle. Pray that the veil be lifted from her that she will seek help. In God all things are possible. Do not lose faith.

Obama Bows To Muslims
Choking on gnats and swallowing camels.

What was the big deal that the first family didn't curtsy or bow to the Queen? Who is a 'fixture' not a world leader. That old gene pool has no lifeguard! The PM takes cares of world affairs.

Now people complain that the Pres. bowed to another world leader?

When Asian people come to this country they shake hands because that is OUR custom.
Yes, when in Rome etc...

Obama Is Bankrupting America
"I did not vote for Obama. I am however concerned about our attitude toward our leader and his spending programs. It is very important that we do not have a judgemental attitude toward him. We must obey God. We should pray for him and never speak evil of him. This is the Bible and God's will".
---Delbert_W._Whaley on 3/1/09

Thank you! A senseable reply.
OUR President has only been in office for less than 2 months. Pray and give him a chance, he is exceptionaly bright and has good advisors.
NO ONE who is elected president has presidential experience, give him a chance!

Catholics Marry In A Church
MIC...what? Please clarify what you mean, I for one am confused by your response.

Obama's Marijuana Possession
I doubt that they've ever met. This guy was a child by one of the later wives of the senior Obama. He was caught for having one mj cigarette, I'm surprised its even against the law in Kenya.
I'd be more surprised if Pres. Obama got involved.
Clinton had his goofy brother Roger, Carter had brother Billy who put out a line of "Billy Beer" and on it goes.

I doubt if they got involved with family woes.

14 Kids And No Husband
This is a single woman in her early 30's, has never been married.

According to news articles, her parents advised against her having more children.
Her mother states that she won't be helping her out with the children, she and her father totally disapprove of this woman's activities.

All children were a result of in vetro with a 'doner dad'.

Obama $500 Tax Credit
"It's a tax credic, not actual cash, and you have to qualify for it by means which will be determined later. It's a joke and the jokes on us. It's going to be set up to look like we are coming out with more money, but we'll be paying more taxes.
---wayne on 1/26/09"

If this passes it will be in the form of the Stimulus check most received under the Bush admin. ('credit' Wayne)

Can Obama Save The Economy
Pray for our new President!

Who can really complain after 8 years of what George Bush did to our country?

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