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Are There Three Earth Ages
Jerry said he wanted to see some scientific evidence of an ancient earth. The dinasour bones that they dig up and the oil we pump out of the ground and the coal that we dig out of the ground. God created satan the angels and a lot of other things before the earth was without form and void. Not to meantion satan and his thugs were cast out before Adam and all the rest.

Son Forgets His Homework
We are having the same problem, but our son's teacher is balking a little at some of the suggestions. We created a log to check off and the teacher said he wants our son to be more self-aware, so he doesn't push the issue. Our kid is 8, and I think you definitely have to figure out how to cooperate with the teacher so that communication is clear. That's the only way we were able to get a handle on it.

Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation
Thier is one thing in beliving, another is knowing without a doubt, their is a differance! Demons believe! Does our Father really desire for all men to be saved? Look at the angels, He created all of them and kept 2/3 to Himself for His glory and let the other 1/3 do as they pleased and they fell with satan. When Jesus said to his 12 the harvest is ready, what do you think He meant by that? I know in Whom I trust!!!

Did Paul Sin After Salvation
Thier it's a day that goes by that a so called christian doesn't sin. Show me one that says so and I'll show you a sinner. We sin every day in one way or another, that's where our FATHER'S grace and mercy falls into play and all we have to do is talk to Him. Jesus paid for every sin pass, present and future. I learned so much from my mistakes, I think I'll make a few more.When you in His way He will close the doors He doesn't want you to go through. He will lead you in way you should go.

Was Lucifer The Choir Director
You will find your answer in ezekiel 28:13-14.Then, you will see that he was kicked out of heaven because of his pride in isaiah 14.

Techniques For Spanking Your Kids
Our kids are all grown-up now so I can speak from experience, we tried all the methods, grounding, taking toys away, isolation etc but the one thing that truely worked effectively was spanking, it was always short and sharp and very painful but once done it was as though everthing was back as it should be. Children need to know their boundaries and what happens when they cross those boundaries.

I Am Doubting God Exists
Friend, nobody can prove that God exists and that christianity is the only true religion and by the same token no one can disprove!
You and I have our own beliefs passed down from generations past just like other faiths, they too belive there's is the true faith and all others are false, just have FAITH and belive!

Wets His Pants During Spanking
It sounds as though the child is terrified, do you explain to him before how and why you are punishing him? if you are going to spank do it in a calm and controlled manner and afterwards hug him and tell him you love him, he should rspond better to this method.

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
Personally, as long as that teen is in your house, under you rules, and is acting like a brat, breaking the rules, she needs to be spanked. She is supposed to be an adult or at least close to one, so if she is acting like a child, spank her. But that is just me. God doesn't say how old is too old. He says for children to respect and obey. Respect the rules of the home.

Husband Wants Dirty Talk
It's your husband. There is nothing wrong with talking dirty to each other. It's your spouse God has blessed you with to act out with.

Can A Woman Be A Pastor
NO. Timothy addresses this and you can not justify it no matter what you think.

Is Remarriage Adultery
No discussion of divorce and remarriage based on Jesus' words in Matthew 19 can be properly understood for the Church Age without reconciling it with 1 Corinthians 7: 12. "But to the rest I say, not the Lord..." Jesus said that because of the hardness of heart of mankind, divorce and remarriage was permitted under Moses. Paul says substantially the same thing in 1 Corinthians 7: 15 in reference to mixed marriages. Among believers it is forbidden for a woman to remarry other than her former husband. No similar command given for a man.

Origin Of The Title Reverend
The title "reverend" does not refer to one's great piety. It only means you are ordianed. It is a title that traditionally is only used in churches that ordain their ministers. It means you have dedicated your life to be reverent to God. Any other definition is misleading of the intent of the title. The Matthew 23:8-12 saying we shouldn't call one "Rabbi", "father", or "teacher" is refering the Pharisees and Saducees who had set up a corrupt religious system that but a burden on the people but didn't free them. They would claim they were equal to Moses and so everyone had to listen to them. That is not the same thing as the use of "reverend" in todays terms.

Evangelise Your Workplace
"Allowed"? The question begs another question - "according to whose authority?" My employer has authority over the employment God prepared for his servant, not over the faith given by God's grace. During breaks at work the gospel is shared by his children and weekly bible studies gather, despite a policy that restricts "religious discussion". My Lord's servant is prepared to lose his job on account of the gospel and doing so wouldn't discredit the Holy Spirit. My Lord does not say that Christians shouldn't live and work according to the gospel, but my Lord does say that those in Christ will also speak the gospel according to the measure of faith they've been given.
2 Timothy 1:8-12
Ephesians 4

Have You Seen A Miracle
That God would die for a sinner like me.I think that's the biggest mirracle.Although I did shatter two vertibrae in my kneck and walked away.

Ear Piercing Bible Scriptures
Whom the sun sets free he is free indeed. I do not identify myself as a pagan or a slave. That is a ridiculous condemnation from the church not God. I got my piercings with my parents blessing cause I liked how they looked, after two years of making sure it was the right thing and not just a phase. I love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. No whole in my lobe is going to change that!

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