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Mormonism vs Christianity
California converts vote democrat. SLC TBM are conservative, clannish in comparison with the liberal, worldly, laid back, liberal Californians. In Utah, it is in your best interest economically and politically to be active Mormons. If you live outside of the Zion Curtain, California converts are used to diversity and not the Utah conformity. California converts don't bring their religion to work like the BIC, TBM, SLC mormons do.

God Called Me To Sing
Jack, you sound like a jealous woman.
What exactly is your problem. You don't pick on men, though, do you?

2008 Presidential Election
May the farce be with you, Matt Splatt.
Polygamy is the trunk of mormonism. Fundamental mormons are the original trunk and the true picture of mormonism. The slicked up version, TBM style is a facade until you die. Then you will return to the trunk of the tree - polygamy.
Don't think for a minute the prophets of old have anything to do with mormonism. That's lunacy.

Mormonism vs Christianity
I was told that fundamental mormons are not simply a branch offshoot from the SLC TBM (True Believing Mormons), it's the original trunk. Fundamental mormons, practicing polygamy are the original bunch and the true picture of what mormonism is. Oh yes.

Mormonism vs Christianity
The LDS have fast and testimony Sundays, once a month. One man stood up, said he was gifted from God, and blessed with the ability to speak in the voice of Spencer W. Kimball. What is that gift? A gift of utterance, but what else would you call that?
Some people go to the podium and cry uncontrollably for 4 or 5 minutes. What would cause them to do that?

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