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Should Christians Be Jesting
No they should not be jesting, they are simply just telling a lie. some people might add the truth to it, but it still makes lie.I don't know why people is doing what GOD says not to do but they are. Why can't we talk on things that are lovely, kind, good and the truth, words of good report.People wake up, this is wrong we have got to be ready, Jesus will soon be coming after his church, Live Holy.

God Made Me Sin
Sin is not in God so how can he make you sin? That is the devil. It is our fault if God warns us not to sin and we do it anyway.

Husband Having Daytime Affair
Leave him.Even though you may love him you have to also love yourself, enough to not put up with disrespect.

Why Mary Was A Virgin
Because she was pure. And God could not have come through a unpure person.

He Loves Another Woman
What all did you hear besides I love you? He was married to her and had two kids with her, so there will always be a bond between them, you have to talk to him and see where his heart is. When you date someone with kids the ex will be in your life, if you can't handle it, Leave now before the marriage.

Can Christians Smoke
No you have to pray and asked God to help you quit.

I Cheated On My Wife
Pray and ask God what his will is. You have to realize that that you made a mistake, and every action has a reaction, you actions may has cost you your wife and kids. I am praying for you.

Catholic Churches And Pope
Do you think Jesus would enjoy one of these finely tuned religious services. Do you think He cares if women have their heads covered? The stand ups, sits downs, kneel downs, bows completed at the appropriate times? Why would Jesus care about any of it. Would He take one look at the pomp and say to His disciples, let's head down to the Soul's Anchor soup kitchen. And while you're going through the motions, you didn't even notice that He slipped out the door and left you to go through the motions?

Catholic Churches And Pope
Can anyone imagine Jesus using rosary beads to say His prayers with?
What does Jesus think of all the pomp and religious traditions? The hats, fancy robes, kissing rings, saints days, etc. It's not Jewish and you don't read about it in the Bible. So what is it? Who added all the add ons and tried to complicate the Gospel? Who took it away from the people and made a select few in charge?

God Tells Women Her Husband
This is to angie who is 16 years old and says she's in love with her youth paster. What you have is a crush on him. Not love! If he remains JUST you're paster and does NOT go any further, then that's fine. But if both of you go further than you should. Then he should go to PRISON for life and you should be ashamed and repent.

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