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Sugar Coat The Truth
Believe it or not we humans have a ridiculous way of sugar coating hell. When was the last time you watched TV? When was the last time you read your newspaper for movies playing at a theatre near you? I ask this because our young people seem to think it is okay to worship even admire the devil! Hollywood and human interest sugar coat hell every day. We don't need to sugar coat it...we need to expose it for what it truly is...HELL and eternal damnation!! So, to answer your question yes you can sugar coat hell...but as a Christian it is your/our duty to witness the truth of hell.

Condemning Christians
I don't have a problem with Christians correcting or even rebuking other Christians. My problem lay with those who would condemn other religions. How do you or I know who is and is not saved upon first meeting unless you come right out and ask. I see so much hatred or what could be misconstrued as hatred toward non "born again" believers. NO, it is not our job to condemn them. It IS our job to love them to Christ. We were commissioned as were the apostles to be "fishers of men". What an easy job!!! If only my earthly job were so easy. I love Jesus and discussing Him with the unsaved. Could we show a little more love and a little less hostility?

Sugar Coat The Truth
more excellent way: NO, we should not sugar coat the truth, but we should not be wrecklessly hurtful in how we present it.

I couldn't have said it better myself. If we approach the sinner with the bull in a china shop approach or with kid gloves it matters not, the truth must always be forefront. It is easier however to win souls with love rather than beat them over the head with the facts. Jesus didn't say "you better or else" He said "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light". Matt 11:29 & 30 Jesus' message is one of love and truth. Simply put His way is light and life, anything else is death.

Condemning Christians
Mima: from Continued...
We have to pray to protect our salvation. We have to ask His forgiveness for sins committed, please don't tell me you don't sin. You are human, we all sin, it is how you deal with that sin that makes the difference. OSAS is a false doctrine and goes directly against the Word. (2Cor. 4:15 & 18) By praying for forgiveness daily we are renewin or refreshing, if you will, our salvation. As a spring rain renews and refreshes the dry, dead earth of winter, so our daily prayers renew/refresh our salvation. God wants us to be with Him in eternity, but He cannot abide sin. We need the blood of the cross applied to our lives daily. One last comment...

Condemning Christians
Kim2U:"...okay for Christians to condemn non-Christians"
We are supposed to love the sinner as Christ did. Christ did not condemn Mary Magdela, rather in love he forgave her and commissioned her to "go and sin no more". We need to pray for forgiveness for and with the sinner/unsaved, then show them through our daily walk and life how to live as a Christian. Too often we pray with the sinner and walk away leaving them to fend for themselves. A baby needs guidance and nourishment, so it is with a new Christian. We need to be living testimonies to Christs' love.

Offended By Women Pastors
Rebecca..Women pastors etc.
I am setting myself up for a bashing but here goes anyway.
Geoff is absolutely right. There is no precedence or direction for women pastors, deacons, elders etc. in the bible. What is there is a stern warning about our tongues and being a woman, it rubbed me the wrong way too. (James 3:5-6,8-10) Let's face it, women don't have a great track record with our tongues, now do we. God has a clear purpose for each and every one of us. I often wonder if He chose to make us the seers and the men directors so as to have a spiritual balance. Be greatful and rejoice for the gifts we are given. Maybe, just maybe it goes back to scripture where God says he won't give us anymore than we can handle.

Condemning Christians
Mima.."We have to keep renewing our salvation daily."
The responsibility of our salvation is solely ours to protect daily. (Eph. 6:11-17) The "armour of God" is our protection. I do not buy into "once saved always saved" (OSAS)doctrine. I have in the past, thank God for His unconditional love, walked away from God to prove to myself and anyone who cared that I did not need Him, HOW WRONG WAS I! This said, God gave us a free will and a unique mind. We all think, act and talk as individuals. We have choices to make, and temptations to fight each and every day, not to mention dangerous situations that may cross our paths. There is no one person without sin on this planet. Continued....

One World Church Movement
MIC: "Mary raised to the highest position by God". With all due respect to you MIC. God never once raised Mary to any postion. He blessed her (Luke 1:26-33) Mary was favoured not SINLESS, and by the Holy Spirit, gave her cause to carry the Christ Child. God did NOT make her His advocate. Christ and only Christ can be that advocate (1John 2:1-3) there is no mention of Mary. I will not now or ever again pray to Mary I will however continue to pray to Our Lord. After all it is He who said "My grace is sufficient for thee". Mary is the earthly mother of Christ that is all, like me with my kids, do you revere me? No, why then revere Mary, she is NOT our saviour her son Jesus IS. I respect her memory but that is it.

One World Church Movement
MIC: To continue...
My mother, God bless her, once told me Jesus was to busy to forgive everyone. I then asked: If God can be everywhere (omnipresent), see everything (omniscient) and be all powerful (omnipotent)why would he enlist the help of a mere mortal. Be careful MIC that you do not give Mary more power than what we all have ...a conscience. Jesus from the cross reminded all of us of just who Mary was (a woman and a mother).."Woman behold thy son" John 19:26 and to the disciple immediatley after "Behold thy mother!" John19:27 I will agree that our salvation is in Christ Jesus and through Him alone do we have our perfect peace.

One World Church Movement
Mark V: "One time in history we were very bad indeed".
I might add to this by first stating that I was not trying to witness I was merely asking that when discussing other denominations could we be a little less maligning and a little more forgiving that is all. I would like to also point out that history has a horrible way of repeating itself. Instead of mean spirited popes and bishops of the RCC bashing non-beleivers about, it would seem that every denomination has claimed a right to this way of "soul winning". I agree there are times when rebuke is necessary, (I present my last comment to Eloy), point out the sin to the believer and then pray for them.

I Was Asked To Leave The Church
Eloy: I am convinced that you are quoting from the satanic rather than the Holy Bible. Satan would deceive even the "very elect" in the last days. I will not be moved from my salvation. I will not support you or your way of thinking. You by your own admission are not of Christ. Christ did not see a light which was you when He hung on the cross. He called "Abba Father" and He begged "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." And further to this I now beg my Father which is in Heaven even the same God the Father which sent His only Son Jesus that I might have eternal life, Abba Father forgive Eloy for he knows not what he says or does. Yea, he knows not his eternal damnation.

What Country Are You From
I am from Canada. Born in Ontario, now reside in Newfoundland. By the way... Alan of the UK... u r way to hilarious...Alan of the UK from the UK...*lol*

My Daughter Is Teased
People often tease or torment out of ignorance. Information is the key. I am not saying it will end all the teasing, but it will shed some light on your daughter's condition and in turn will hopefully turn some people over to thinking they should help defend your daughter. There is strength in numbers and more strength in the cross. Lay your concerns at the feet of Jesus. I will pray for you.

Condemning Christians
There was a post on another blog by a woman so anti catholic it made my heart break. Apparently (according to her) every Catholic is destined for hell. Well, God called me out of the Catholic faith and has shown me in prayer that there are many in the Catholic faith who are saved. I pray that souls be led to Christ daily. As for the Catholics, I believe there are those in that faith who are ready to be witnessed to but because of the hateful comments they hear or read they are hesitant to change. Can you blame them. We as born again Christians can't seem to agree on how to witness. Myself, when I witness I always start with prayer, then love, then prayer, then witness, then prayer, and finally wait and see what the Lord will do.

One World Church Movement
Mark V.: I grew up in a Catholic home. In the Peroquial school I attended as a child we were encouraged to read our bibles and upon graduation we were given bibles (FYI: I am in my late 40's so this isn't a new thing). Having said that however, I was saved and called out of the Catholic Church. It is my calling to witness to Catholics to encourage, pray for, witness to and remind them of Christ and His ultimate purchase. We HAVE TO ADOPT the ways of Christ! Stop this incessant bashing of each other and pray for forgiveness and peace then we are better able to witness, until then, PRAY! Stop the condemnation, pointing fingers and labelling. (John 8:7-11) When someone is saved give the Glory to God. The harvest is immenent are you ready?

One World Church Movement
francess 008: Please stop. In the name of Jesus just stop. (Matt. 19:21,26)
You are on the verge of showing non believers a hateful side. Christ is not about hate nor is He about pointing fingers, Salvation can and only comes from the Lord. If you really and truly love Christ you will answer with respect the concerns of others. If you can't answer without bashing, please try to pray for a change. I have prayed all week as to how to reply to your comments and this is what was revealed to me. Christ is our PERFECT PEACE! All we say and do is always and should only ever be ... about Christ.

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