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Statues Of The Virgin Mary
Contrary to popular Catholic believe, the Catholic church is a "one stop idol shop". It's a shame. Their statues only bring them down. They know very little of the ways of God. I am no longer a Catholic.

What Does Purgatory Mean
Purgatory is not there. If you believe there is such a place, you are deceived.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
Purgatory just does not make sense, because it directly go's against what the Bible teaches. There can be no mistake. It's too far diverse from the truth. The Catholic people, God bless them, don't need to do all these things that their church requires them to do. Our Lord hated religion, and that's what some churches are trying to do all over again. Yes, history repeats itself because man is so predictable. Just follow what Jesus taught, you can't go wrong, I promise. In Jesus name.

Catholic Churches And Pope
A lot of people have been leaving the Catholic Church, especially since the early 80's. There has been a big shift towards the truth. The Holy Spirit is moving quickly now, I believe the end is closer than ever. God want's your heart not formalities, and false holiness.

Evolution Fossil Fish
Moderator, the flood MAY be a result of the flooding at the end of the Pliesticine, 12,000 years ago. Massive flooding took place as the ice sheets melted, causing a rapid rize in the oceans. The cretacious tertiary Extinction took place over 65 million years ago and is defined by a worldwide ash line.

Moderator - I am talking about the flood in Noah's time and the moving of the land masses which may have caused fossils to be on the top of mountains.

Evolution Fossil Fish
The Human Genome Project has DNA blueprinting extending back at least 20,000 years, so far. It is an extablished fact, unless one denies the existence of DNA. I do not see the conflict here with anyones faith. You cannot truncate the timeline based on personal faith.

Evolution Fossil Fish
I know of the Canadian Eagle Butte 'fish' Fossil, its at the separation point between Cretaceous and the Paleocene, clearly visible in the geologic record. A discontinuity in the fossils,with high iridium levels, about 65 million years ago. The 'comet hitting the earth theory' is much disputed, but clearly something happened, all part of Gods plan. About 40% of plant and animal life was wiped out.

Moderator - It's called the flood.

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