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Who is John Hagee?
Pastor Hagee still refuses to address "The Open letter to Pastor Hagee" that is posted on the internet.

Celebrate Mother's Day
It is a good thing to honor your mother every day, but please don't forget mom on Mothers's day. It will make her feel not forgotten and appreciated.

Happy Mother's Day!

What Is Female Authority
Susie, if your discerner was working, you would know that catherine did not stand up for herself.
While catherine is having a personal relationship with Jesus, others are over-intellectualizing. She said, "you're too smart, you're too sane, you're too intelligent', God can't use you; 'No one is 100% in the head."
Correct. How many of the ultra sane are taking meds for depression or some other disorder. How many nutty professors are sitting home, day after day, glued to a mouse.

What Is Female Authority
Many of her posts are shockingly true.
They might give the highly educated cause for pause, but they are honest. She believes every word she says.
Those that bark the loudest, I've taken a second or third look at their levels of compassion; especially when this is supposed to be their 'gift'.

What Is Female Authority
Susie, every now and again, you can't help yourself, you have to make fun, quite often it's catherine that you pick on.
I don't doubt that God did tell catherine to leave the church for reasons we really don't need to know. If there were people there making fun like you do, I can see why she picked herself up and left.

May's Humor Blog
Steven is only w-right sometimes.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
Well, to answer you question this way, Jesus turned the water into Grape juice Which is a 0% wine.

How To Make A Man Change
Well pray for him. But Only God can change people. God bless you.

No Salvation Without Baptism
Baptism is on outward sign of an inward change. Down with the old and up with the new. Baptism is not needed for salvation. It is by the blood of Christ that we are saved. Hope this helps. God bless you.

Is The KJV A Catholic Bible
Well who cares what group the KJV comes from. its the Bible. God bless you.

I Am Dating A Married Man
Well its not right to date a married person. The Bible says "Do not commit adultery." God bless you.

Evangelism Questions That Work
Mama, Mima, you're taking credit for percentages of God's harvest. You've told us so many things about yourself. Interrupting speakers, why the whole world stopped spinning and everyone listened. Why not let the Holy Spirit be in charge and let Him fill your mouth, at the moment you need it. Canned questions grow stale, and we know the Holy Spirit is not.

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