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Can Females Wear Pants
The bible says seek out your on salvation with fear and tremling.Im not going to take the chance I will wear dresses .i don't belive in wearing slacks but i had rather see a women wearing slacks than some of these women that wear there dresses up to there yes mam and show everything up top also

I Cheated On My Wife
No sir you don't love your wife with all your heart are you would never have cheated on her you are lying to your self and your wife She loves you and she has proved it by being true to you And you you have no excuse for what you did.

Slain In The Spirit Before
The Bible doesn't explain every thing to us but i have been slain in the spirit and Jesus has also spoke to me aubile also not everyone has expereniced this either but it happen.

Once Saved Always Saved
No once saved aways sayed is not true because why does the scriptures talk about Backsiding

Dressing In An Ungodly Manner
i'm talking to the women here the Bible does say God looks at the heart and i have only found one place where it tells us to dress modest But if we wear anything that isn't modest men will be looking at you lusting A preacher said one time us men have the Holy Ghost but we are not dead i seen a lady last night in Wall Marts she had this top on but you could still see her breast you think men don't look at these women if you have the Holy Ghost your not going to wear anything ungodly

I Want To Believe In God
First of all you need to repent and ask the Lord to give you his spirt and he will he loves you and If you belive and not doubt he will fill you with his spirit.

Can Cousins Marry Each Other
If you married someone in your family and had children the may be retarted

Do Smokers Go To Heaven
Yes smoking is a sin When God fills you with his spirt he delivers you that moment but like so many people don't realize the power he puts in us to over come any habit that we have i smoke 3packs a day and i kept smoking after he fill me with his spirit and the Lord spoke to me audiable voice and told me i was sining against him his voice fill the hold room and his voice was gentle when he spoke to me

Who Is The One True Church
Jesus said upon this rock i will bill my church not churches The Rock was jesus he told the deciple in 28-19 what to teach the people How we are to be saved >and he meant what he said there are no churches there is a plan that jesus gave that we could be saved if we follow his plan

Why Does My Church Judge Me
There is only church that in the book of acts but people pulled away from the church died for to start there own Doctoring and now start there own church i heard two day at the beauty shop that some of the smaller babtist churches are merching together to make bigger church

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
No he wasn't required to be baptise it was an exampe for us

Speaking In Tongues
no Jesus didn't pray are speak in tongue'sHe said when he went back to heaven he would send a comforter back meaning his spirt.when we repent his spirt comes in side of us and pray's threw us that is the evedience that we have his spirit is when we prayed in tongue.s Some of you will diagree because you haven't experience it but it is for every one but he said with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to his people

Can Ladies Wear Pants
I was at a baby shower the other day and there was a lady there she knew me but i couldn't remember where i met her my daughter
told me she was her pastor's wife i was so shocked she had a top on that it showed every thing she had because most of it was hanging out I don't think its just slacks any more Its top's also and some women dress like this so men will notice them

A Red Heifer Just Born
The Red heifer was borned over her she is 3years old

A Red Heifer Just Born
They already have the red heifer over there
And the temple They have everthing ready the furniture the place blood scarfices will be my pastor was over there he ask the rabi how long it would take to build the temple he said 6 months so everything is in motion it's just as i said they have everthing that will go in the temple ready This will start when the Lord sets it in motion

Speaking In Tongues From Satan
Jesus Gave peter the keys to the kindom which is the plan of salvation Acts 2-38 go back to Matt 28-19 he was telling his deciples to go to all nation babtizing them in the name of the father son and holy ghost
it says name not names father son and holy ghost are titles he was saying his name
he had not died yet but he was givin them instrution after he died that was what they was suppose to do

Christian With Unconfessed Sin
We are to repent daily

Am I Scared Or Anxious
Didn't she say her husband cheated on her so that is Adultry I didn't read that she was a christain.You need to talk to a minster and let him advice you.

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