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My Daughter Is Ungreatful
I would like to say Thank You for all your advise. My daughter has been doing much better. I believe that has happened because of the suggestions you guys gave and I did try some of them. She is saying "Thank You" a lot more and I am letting her be a child a lot more. I really Thank you all. Please keep us in your prays as you all will be in ours. God Bless you all. Thank You again.

Why Should People Attend Church
First of all, we should be going to church because God says so. Maybe you feel this way about your church because you feel like you are not being fed well. The bible describes being fed God's holy word as starting with milk just like a baby. Slowly(just like a baby) we have to start eating meat. Maybe your preacher only feeds you milk. Some pastors are afraid of upsetting people of the church and they preach about things everyone agrees on. I would suggest that you look for other church's to visit. Please don't stop going to church. Satan gains some control if you are not surrounding yourself with other believers.Some day you will be glad to have a church home and people that have learned to know and love you. Good luck and God bless you.

My Daughter Is Ungreatful
alan of UK-

Just to clearify, an example of my daughters ungreatfulness, she seems to complain about everything. She is almost never happy with what she's got. We are a big family so we have to make sacrifices in some of the material things that we "want" because of things that we NEED.

When I say "every time the doors are open"-
that would be Sun. morning and night
Wens. night, vbs, those sort of things

We do engage the World outside. We all love sports. My daughter likes to play basketball,football, and soccer. We go through our youth center to do that and other things. We meet and engage with new people and things alot,

Jesus Only Way To Heaven

I truly believe that the blood of Jesus covers my sin in the eyes of God. We don't ask for forgiveness because Jesus took our sin away. I believe if that were the case, Satan would have already lost because there would be no sin for us to commit. Satan hasn't lost yet... of course we all know that he looses, but the battle is still raging. Sin will be covered by the blood of Jesus until the Lord, I AM, comes to reign on earth for one thousand years!!!

the bottom line?
the good news?
Jesus is coming and He loves you!!!!!!!!
Jesus is coming and He loves you!!!!!!!!
Jesus is coming and He loves you!!!!!!!!

did i say that enough?

My Daughter Is Ungreatful
Thank you for all your answers to my question. I need to expand on that topic. My husband and I are raising 5 children. Our 9 year old being the oldest. We love the Lord Jesus Christ. We are at church every time the doors are open. We make our work schedules so that one of us are always with the children(no daycare or babysitter).I volunter at their school so that we can afford to send them through private school. My daughter is saved and knows Jesus as her Savior. We are very greatful parents. I do show my husband that i appreciate the things he does for us and he shows me the same appreciation. With all these things in mind maybe you can understand why i am so confused at how to handle this situation. Please keep sending your advise.

Jesus Only Way To Heaven
nicole and duane,
the bible says that we are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. Under his blood, we are sinners blackened with sin. Jesus didn't take sin away or we wouldn't need to repent because there wouldn't be any sin left to repent of. We are clean in the sight of God Almighty because of the covering of Jesus' blood. It is a shame though that we are trying to spread the good news and choose to disagree over one word. I think that we all agree about Jesus being the one and only way to Heaven.

you are sooooo right.

What Is The GREAT Deception
I think that the GREAT DECEPTION is when someone believes that they have nothing to worry about, they think they believe in Jesus and that's all they have to do (and be a good person). They are deceived into thinking that they are living "good" and because of that, they will go to heaven. That is far from the truth. That's my opinion.

My Infant Son Died
My prayers are with you. I am deeply sorry for your loss. I have 5 children and couldn't imagine one day without them. I do believe that God is in control. I know it wasn't His will for your son to die, but the bible says that God uses ALL things for good. I know it must be hard, but what if the death of your son saved someones soul? We know that your son is in heaven right now praising God. Just remember to keep your faith so that you will join him when the Lord calls for you. God bless you and your family. My family will be praying for you. GOD BLESS.

Jesus Only Way To Heaven
GOD CANNOT BE IN THE PRESENTS OF SIN. God cannot even look at sin because He is so holy. Jesus Christ was the perfect sacrifice to cover our sins. We are made white as snow by the covering of our sin with the blood of Jesus. Jesus is now and always will be the only way to the Father which is in heaven. Anybody can proclaim the word in any way they want to, but God tells our heart what the right was is.

FLDS Foster Parent Kids
The religious training in my home wouln't change. I would make sure that these children felt loved,cared for and safe. The bible says that God places his word in the hearts of all men (and children). I think that after awhile these children would begin to understand that Jesus has a different plan for their life then what they had been told before. Through the love of Jesus Christ all things are possible.

I Have Become A Believer
Read your bible. Read your bible. Read your bible. Read your bible. oh ya, did i say read your bible. Satan will attack you at every angle so read your bible and pray and be ready to stand fast when these attacks come. Satan will do anything to make you think that you made a mistake. don't believe it. Reading your bible is the best way to have the knowledge and the power to stand fast. Tell all the people you know. Celebrate with other believers. PRAY PRAY PRAY.

Should There Be Altar Calls
Yes, I believe there should be an invitation to the alter after EVERY sermon. We should pray for the churches that don't do an altar call. The Holy Spirit wouldn't let me be for many altar calls until finally i couldn't take it anymore and i accepted the invitation. Without that invitation i don't want to even think about where my soul would be right now. Thank you goes out to my pastor for having the courage to still give an invitation to the altar every Sunday morning.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I have 5 children. Ages 2,3,4,7, & 9. I use spanking as my method of discipline. I use a spanking spoon. It is soft but firm plastic and I spank the inside of their hand. My 9 year old gets the old fashion paddle on the bottom. I give my children 1 and only 1 warning about their behavior. They get their swat(that's what i call it) and then a hug and kiss and I tell them again what they did wrong and what they should have done instead. I get complements on my children all the time. I thank God for the strength to discipline with love. Children have to know the difference between right and wrong and it's our job to teach it to them. Good luck with your method of choice and just remember to let the Holy Spirit lead you in your decisions.

Mostly He Had Done Right
In my opinion, NO. The bible says that we are to believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and was crucified for our sins and on the third day He rose again. You cannot just "be good" and get to heaven. I think a lot of people are deceived by thinking that. You must give you whole heart to Christ. Please speak to that man and suggest reading to gospel with him.

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