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Two Witnesses Alive Today
I agree Mark. What better way to start a worldwide soul harvest than to have one Jew (Elijah) and one Gentile (Enoch) as the two witnesses.

Two Witnesses Alive Today
Food For Thought (when it comes to studying prophecy):
[1]"If plain sense makes sense, don't look for any other sense, or you will wind up with nonsense." - Dr. Donald R. Reagan
[2] The best way to interpret the Bible is to let the Bible interpret itself.

2008 Mark Of The Beast Mandatory
The Real ID Act is not just swinging around Congress - It has been passed. A recent article stated that Congress had granted the states an extension of the May 8, 2007 deadline for implementation.

2008 Mark Of The Beast Mandatory
The Real Id Act is not the mark of the beast as I see it. Rather it is to mentally condition the public to accept a centralized identification system. Think about the location of the "Mark of the Beast". In the hand or in the forehead. With current microchip implants there has been talk of using iris or fingerprint scans as final verification to prevent counterfeit chips from being used. Think location- In hand along with fingerprint; In forehead along with iris scan. Hmmm...

Two Witnesses Alive Today
For those interested: the Bible tells us the indentity of one of the two witnesses in Malachi 4:5; that being Elijah.

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