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Is It Trinity Or Oneness
Clarification: "Jesus Only" churches are not cults [unless some go off the deep end]. Instead of using/invoking in The Name Of THE FATHER, OF THE SON, & OF THE HOLY GHOST, THEY USE/INVOKE IN THE NAME OF JESUS [CHRIST] WHICH IS SCRIPTURAL Mk.16:[17]/ Matt.28:16:19,20. Same Thing (Col.2:8-10).

Every miracle the disciple's did was done in the Name Of Jesus [Christ] of Nazareth. BOTTOM LINE? ACTS 19:11-16,17-20.

Was Adam Really 900
They don't, Lucifer had a throne, was given 1/3 of G_d's angel's [if Lucifer persuaded angels not under his 'command' to revolt, he would have been stronger than G_d], with subjects, & throne.

Lots of info in a good Bermuda Triangle book, showing/describing many places they could have come from, including Atlantis? For every lie/myth, there's a truth!

mikeM, I've read your blogs & found you/re usually on course, and respectful when addressing others, hopefully it's contagious to others.

Salvations Through Benny Hinn
People of Jesus' day, mainly religious, called him a basta.. & devil among other things [Lke.27-31], those bearing fruit expect the same. Oral Roberts, Billy Sunday, Maude Aimee, K. Kuhlman naming a few suffer(ed) the same things. They're called blessed in the beautitudes. Mr Hinn by having his mentor's mantle is enduring the same negatives she did. Nobody's perfect! As everybody will observe at the Great White Throne Judgement Seat Of Christ. Smith Wigglesworth, Azuza Street Revival(s)? Say On! Jn.9:1-41

2008 Mark Of The Beast Mandatory
Again, when the "mark of the beast" is tied to one world leader, country, etc in it's fullness, The Bride Of The Lamb will be featured at His Supper in Shekinah Glory [Rev.19:7-10, 11-16, 17-21]. Bottom line? It's good the believers [wise] know these things [Dan.12:8-10, 11:13; Lke.12:54-56]. Hence, MARRANATHA!

What Day Was Jesus Crucified
On the 3rd day of the week [tuesday], before 6pm which would start the 'yearly Sabbath' of The Passover. Three days & nights later on the 6th day of the week [friday], 'after' 6pm would begin the 'weekly' 7th day sabbath [saturday]. I would need a little time to connect the scriptures from selecting The Passover Lamb [Jesus], to the day it was killed [crucifiction] from the scriptures. The key? Dates, not days [Nissan 10 > 14].

Does America Deserve It
No one, no one, can move away from Echad/God, His protection & expect to be blessed in spite of basically telling Him "we don't need or want You" by their actions/inactions, laws, etc. "Sow to the wind, reap the whirlwind [without repentence]"!

Without Echad/God > "Dark Ages": With Echad/God > "Rennaisance": Read history & Bible! Obedience ='s "underserved favor [Grace]"; Disobedience ='s Judgement(s).

Pharaoh Stop Hardening Of Heart
Romans 9:14-23, II Peter 3:9: Echad/God simply "raised"/put a unrepentent mean man over Egypt & made him meaner for His glory. Ever hear of Darius, Nebuchadnezzar, or Belshazzar?

What Was Adam
I've always believed Adam was "enticed" to eat the fruit as in other instances by "the weaker sex" throughout the bible. It's possible, but not likely that Adam nonchalantly ate the forbidden fruit when first offered. This appears to be his first & only challenge from someone on the same level as he was in 'body' [he could communicate with], mind, & spirit.

Pharaoh Stop Hardening Of Heart
I'll try to rest my case & hopefully what I'm trying to say by using Nineveh as a classic example of man's choice/will & Echad's/God's plans etc. Nineveh repented of their wrong doings & were spared by Echad/God, yet some years later were still destroyed. You, myself, and countless others could have chosen/willed to reject Echad's/God's gift of salvation, would that have changed salvation's plan? Despite our sin nature's, we still have choices [Rom.7:15-25]!

Pharaoh Stop Hardening Of Heart
True, some people are "pre-ordained" for certain purposes, good & bad. Still like Adam & Eve til people today, everyone was created with a free will to choose the good from the evil [Echad/God already knowing what they will do, as he told Abraham]. But the option is/was always there for them. Messias/Jesus forgave everyone from Calvary [Pontius Pilot included], some repent, others don't. But the choice was always there from Cain to Ananias & Sapphira.

Explain Ezekiel 37
Surviving Goshen & many other places of exile & persecution to WWII & present, Israel as a people were dead or dried up with no life as a nation, until the Balfour Declaration of 1917 put some breath, sinews, etc into the Jewish people, laying the foundation for them as a a nation. Bone to bone til May 1948 when Israel officially became 'one' undivided nation again as it is today, never again to be divided forever [Gen.49:10], according to the scriptures. Hence, a spiritual example of a prophetic truth.

Why Is Satan Called Lucifer
Lucifer [mentioned once in scriptures in Isaiah 14 chapter, & in Ezekiel 28:12-15], ceased to exist when he rebelled against Echad/God, known since as satan. If Lucifer or 'his' angels were in Shekinah Glory/Third Heaven [where Echad/God rules from], how could he have sinned or persuaded 1/3 of Echad's/God's angels to rebel, usurping some authority over Echad/God Himself? Ezekiel places him & his throne in the Garden 'In' Eden.

Was The Blood Of Jesus Human
Yes, if His flesh was! Type? Human blood was'nt classified then, except for ones "blood lines or blood lineage". [I Jn.3:1-3].

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