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Who Is Your Favorite Blogger
One of my favorite blogger is Donna66. She speaks clearly and to the point.

Are You Hated By People
Kathr, people are starting to tell how you twist the word of God to make it fit your lies. Joseph sees it and so do I and so does mary Donna and others. In your message you say people don't understand, so when they oppose you, you condemn them in some way. Mixing passages together to bring your false doctrines has being your trade for a long time to form a lie, (people with two natures was a beauty,) just to impress others. There is no truth in you Kathr because your heart is not right with God. You should repent and be baptize in the name of the Lord and you will be save. When you do, it will be because of the Spirits conviction in your heart. To this day, you are not getting one.

Good Old Christian Hymns
Eloy, you speak the truth for not all music is godly. Some of it sounds like world music that more in line to excite the body.

Repented Before Death
Some people here write in parables to the point that no one really understands what they say, or why they say what they say. They want you to figure out the riddle.

Are You Hated By People
Igantius, you spoke the truth about Kathr. You cannot have a good discussion with her because she uses the little she knows, builds a story so big, and claims you are that. She speeks of no one thing but all kinds of things to make her story true. Then turns around and accuses you of being something or another for not agreeing with her. She cannot change her nature, God has to change her. She changes her name and even that does not change who she is. All her religious talk is useless.

Who Worships Saints
Miche, you believe in the free will of man, that through his free will he can come to Christ, and refuse to believe it is all of God, you want to take credit for your salvation, and here you say:

"I can't believe it! You claim To be a man of God but don't give him credit?! My Lord, you should be ashamed and repent for giving man Credit for something God has done.
---miche3754 on 3/29/10"

The thing you accuse him of personally, you do yourself. It would be better if you did not accuse anyone personally, and stick to the doctrines. Stop trying to be the standard of truth like Kathr.

Are You Hated By People
Kathr again you have written on 3/24/10

"jim, I once heard a wise pastor say the greatest enemy of the Church are carnal Christians accusing fellow Christians of things they are to immature and ignorant to understanding."

These words came from you and it is you who is accusing fellow christians of many things. Your example is you.

Can I Call Someone Unsaved
Ignatius, you do well not to respond to her charges. She seems to think she knows everything in detail, by looking topics on the internet, and with her wild stories puts something together to attack you personally first, then your religion or theology. Another person, Miche, seems to agree with her tactics and see nothing wrong in what she does. Acting as the standard of truth for all human beings. Her opinions don't mean a bag of beans.

Can I Call Someone Unsaved
Miche, I don't know if you are blind, and cannot hear, or read, but for the last month Kathr has attacked a few here. And since you mention that she has not said anything to that effect, what that tells me is that you are blind, cannot hear or understand. Not that you don't want to but you are not able to.
You just don't have that ability or you would have noticed.
Kathr calling others names are not scriptural in content, so when answering her, my answers are not scriptural in content. There is a difference but of course you cannot see, hear or understand that.

Can I Call Someone Unsaved
Kathr, do you think you can run me out with your accusations? Not a chance. Everywhere you go I will read what you say, and if you condemn someone, which is your style, I will answer you. Here you are now working on Father Brendan, suggesting he is RCC, so you questioned his faith just as you do others, tempting him to sin with his response, you are the tempter. I don't care who you think I am, I will be checking what you say just as you have done with others.

1st Century Christian Traditions
Eloy, are you the burning bush? or the Angel of the Lord? The way you speak to everyone you sound like the Lord. Did the Lord make you a little lord? "a god" as the New World translation has it in John 1:1?

Can I Call Someone Unsaved
Kathr, I do not need to use Scripture to back anything up. What you say is false and all I'm doing is answering to your false comments that condemn someone for no cause.

You gave a passage, let your light shine to all men" should be what you should be doing instead of condemning them because they do not agree with you. You let your evil shine on men, and then speak of God.
And since you are the one who speaks against the truth you condemn yourself and give evidence you are not saved.

Can I Call Someone Unsaved
Kathr, you have to rephrase over and over what you say because what you say is not true. You don't take your own advice,
YOU have NO POWER to peach the truth unless thetruth is in you to begin with!
That is your problem and you give advice to others to sound like you are very holy, but the minute a brother/sister turns their back, you stab them in the back with your judgment. Every answer you accuse. All I do is bring it to everyone's attention.

1st Century Christian Traditions
Eloy, a few questions I have for you, are you born again of the spirit? my thoughts after hearing you, you lay down such terrible comments to others. Are you for real? Is there really a person who knows who is save and who is not? Is that person you? Do you have that power?

Can I Call Someone Unsaved
Answer to Kahtr's false teaching: You see a lot that is not true at all.
Christ is not grace, for grace is the manifestation of God's love and mercy towards those sinful men to whom He wants to have mercy on. Grace never teaches anyone how to be anything. When the world sees those who have been saved it does not bring salvation to the whole world, it brings salvation to those who have believed by faith in the works of Christ and His resurrection only. Any other gospel is a false gospel. All just a bunch of heretical talk to sound like she knows the gospel.

Can I Call Someone Unsaved
Kathr, my statement stands, you are evil. You see evil where there is no evil. Then you get mad at those who disagree with what you call evil. Because you call evil what is good. You do not recognize it because it lives within you. You don't even follow the passages you yourself give in Phil 2:14,15. You try to show others you are holy after your display of evil. Like the pharisees.
Shawn is not the pope and thank God for that. His a brother who loves to bring the Truth to help others, in a kind way, and you oppose the Truth he brings, even the way he brings it. You have to be working for the enemy in a very big capacity. You must be up there in the ranks. Close to the spirit of Jezebel.

Can I Call Someone Unsaved
Kahtr, your condemning answers never stop coming. Now that you got Shawn's number, you want to call everything he says a lie. You wait to see his comments, and with evil in your heart, try to find something in the Bible that can maybe imply against what he said to build your case, and then turn on him just like you turned on Markv, and Mary before.
Then change your name to give yourself good points on how great you are.
Your heart is evil. You do not work for God. Anyone who opposes the truth in order to get to a brother or sister, is working for the devil himself. You judge evil where there is none, in living together without fornication. I judge your evil where there is much.

Wife Has Jezebel Spirit
Lee, what you say is true. Many women here are evil, their spirit indicates it. Just like there is many man with evil spirits. Of course they will never agree. How can evil compromise with good? Just not possible. Never the two shall agree, unless God changes one of them.
One that most of us know about, displays that evil spirit each day without question. Changing her name does not even help her. Because her answers are always condemning to others, unless she wants to speak good about herself. We still know it is her.

Living Together Before Marriage
Kathr, the garbage you are hearing is coming from you. You just haven't been listening to yourself. You speak in other blogs as if your heart is pure but it is fill with sin, and only those who abide with you will believe what you say is true. No, you are not the only one doing the work of the enemy, but you are one of them. It does not mean you do not know Christ, only that you are in rebellion to God.
If you stopped one day, and say, "Lord, I want to change, please, in the name of Jesus, I want to be a different person." That day you will change.

Living Together Before Marriage
Kathr, again your stupid answers follow you because we do not agree it is sin and you do, so you try to stab us in the back by telling us we would not mind for our daughters to live with someone. Only an evil person would come out with that stupid answer.
In answer to that question, I would never mind my daughter living with someone without fornication, then to ever live with you. For the evil you see in others is really the evil within you. You are a blind person filled with hate.

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