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Who Is The Antichrist
America: Look at Yourself when Studying Revelations! A BEAST just arose from the Sea 200 Years ago, 'In the Name of God', yet is a Brood of ALL EVILS, with Antichrist churches on Every Street. Claiming 'Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for ALL, they Slaughtered the Indians, Abused the Negroes, and STOLE whatever they COVETED. Is the Idolatrous Statue of Liberty representative of the HARLOT that shall surely FALL on her Wicked Face for the WHOREDOMS that this 'Christian' nation so TRULY LOVES?

Can You Lose Your Salvation
For the OsASSES: Can God SPEW OUT one that's Not WITHIN Him? Can a Branch be CUT OFF, if Not ATTACHED to the Vine? How is a Tree HEWN DOWN, if Not CONJOINED with the Root? How are plants ROOTED UP, if Not PLANTED in the Ground? How is one DISINHERITED, if he's Not CURRENTLY an Heir? How is one DRIVEN OUT of God's House, if Not ALREADY IN His House? How can a Name become BLOTTED OUT, if it's Not ALREADY WRITTEN INTO the Lamb's Book of Life? BEWARE the Doctrines of FALSE PREACHERS!

Can We Lose Our Salvation
Parable (Matt.13): Some (v19) Rejected the Word Altogether. Some (v20-21) RECEIVED the Word with JOY, and DURETH for a WHILE, but LOST IT! Others (v22) RECEIVED it, but GAVE IT UP for VANITY! The TRULY Penitent (v23) RECEIVED it, UNDERSTOOD it can be LOST, CHERISHED their Salvation, CLINGED to it Tightly, CHOSE to OBEY the Word of God and Doctrine of CHRIST (They're ONE and the SAME), and OVERCAME SINFULNESS. Obviously, TWO of the Three WERE 'Once-Saved and TWICE LOST'. What does YOUR Preacher teach?

Husband Wants Dirty Talk
'Dirty Words' are NOT 'Cursing', neither is there mention of such in GOD'S WORD. Self-Righteous People Pick and Choose CERTAIN words to be 'Dirty' in THEIR OWN OPINION! As Christ Condemns TRADITIONS OF MAN, I don't adhere to such Traditions, therefore, 'Dirty Words' are ONLY IMAGINARY, and NOT FACTUAL. I PRAY in the Native Language of my Arkansas Delta Cotton Patch raisings, and I've yet to find GOD 'Offended' by the Wording of my Prayers. Why try to switch 'Words', when God Knows our every 'Thought'?

Sabbath Keepers Moses Law
Such Blatant GOD-HATERS Hate God's Law and Commandments, they LOVE their SINFUL ways! IF they could pull their heads out of their PASTORS tails, they could SEE that the 'FAITH' of Abraham (Heb. 11:8) and the 'FAITH' of Christ Jesus (John 8:29) was OBEDIENCE to God's Lawful Rules. Christ Did ALL things to PLEASE the Father, and (Heb. 5:8-9) He likewise Grants Eternal Life to THEM THAT OBEY and PLEASE GOD!

Is It A Sin To Eat Pork
David: (8-16, ++ They had NO SOAP PERIOD):

True enough, they Spake of Handwashing, BUT FYI, they DID have SOPE! That's the KJV Spelling. Remember Way back, they had the FULLER'S Field? The Fuller was the Laundry Man in those Days. (See Jer. 2:22, Mal. 3:2) Since Crude Soap can be concocted from GREASE, WATER and ASHES, it wasn't too hard to figure out in a Society which had Metal Workers, Stone Masons, and other such highly skilled brains. Thought you'd want to know!

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