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Are C-Sections Biblical
What about the females that have multiple children and could careless about them. Some throw them in dumpsters, some leave them somewhere else, they neglect them at home, etc. We have all heard of women who murder their children or lose it for whatever reason. They had their children naturally but yet they obviously didn't love their children. The bible doesn't say that women love their children more bc of natural birth. Are you sure she's reading the bible? Sounds like your in laws have been taught false doctrine and have not the understanding of the word of God!

Husband Stops Affair
Hello I believe this is very difficult to go through. I would never want to be in your shoes. You must want your marriage to work and that's why it's hard for you to leave him. I know of some men who never change and some who do. I know this will take a lot of prayer and consecration to God. Following his word and being an example to him. Only God can put conviction in his heart for his wrong.

Dr. Kavorkian Gets Out Of Jail
If anyone has ever had a loved one suffer and die from cancer then they would beleive in Dr. K

God Told Me Who To Marry
God told me who my future partner would be also. In my case, it's my ex-boyfriend. During this year we'd been apart, over and over again God had reassured me through many different ways that he is the one for me. What's more is that God also showed me His leadings in the past. He had showed me that my ex was not all that i desired, but he was all that i needed: everything about him, both weaknesses and strengths drew me closer to God.
Pray about your situation, God will definitely reassure you more than once. Simply listen to Him and not your circumstances, because we walk by faith and not by sight. What's more is that, if it is God's will, God's peace would be with you.
Praise be to Him who is Holy.

Can Christians Divorce
I am very disappointed that nothing is writen in this blog regarding on-going physical abuse, even by a so-called believer. Abuse kills and destroys many human lives virtually every minute of the day. As a Christian, God has taught us that our body is the temple of God and is not to be used for sinful and destructful ways. To stay in a relationship or marriage which attacks, kills, and destroys the temple of God (our human body) is living in sin.
God has greater plans for our lives, praise His Holy name!

End-Time Visions And Dreams
I have been having visions during the night. They are not dreams, I am awake when I have them, but my eyes are closed. I see a gate with an opening in the center, sometimes this opening has a orangish red fireball that looks like a volcano in the center. When I see that, I also feel heat, so this to me represents hell. This frightens me, and when I see it, I pray to God. Usually in a few minutes, I begin to see what looks like the night sky with many stars and a white light shining through, that comes toward me, and I feel peace and comfort. This tells me that God has heard my prayers, and that he is there to comfort me. So I am puzzled.

Give Me This Man
After my husband died in 1998 I thought life was over. I wasn't a Christian then and struggled a few years, moved, started going to church with a neighbor, accepted Christ into my life and then said in a prayer the only thing missing in my life was a good Christian man to share my new life with. The next day I met Jim. He made similar prayer. The minute we started talking we knew this was a gift from God. We married 30 days later! That was 9 years ago. Moral of the story - keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to what God has planned for your life so you won't miss it. Make sure you are ready, THEN let God know. Don't pray that God give THIS man to you. HE will provide for you in HIS time and you will know without a doubt when it happens.

Anyone With Unsaved Family too. Growing up the only time I was ever in a church was for a wedding or funeral. It wasn't until I moved away in my late 40's that I found God and got saved. Its been hard on me going back home as they all think I have just lost my mind and some even avoid me. I never push the subject, just try to bring the subject up in small ways. The best you can do is pray for your family and live your Christian life in a way that they will want what you have. Lead by example. They may not openly admit to wanting it but it might open the door and they may be privately accepting Christ.

Ouija Board Curse On Me
You need to not only renounce using the ouija board but also any other occultic activities you have been involved in. Give very specific instructions. Say "God, in the name of Jesus Christ I am sorry for my involvement with the ouija board. I feel that I am under a curse and I want you to forgive me. Please break all curses that came upon me as a result of my activities and rebuke immediately all demons that are attacking my (finances, business, romantic life, etc.,)protect me so they don't return make them leave at once and go only where you send them to go. It is important to ask GOD to rebuke in JESUS' name instead of YOU saying "I rebuke you in Jesus' name".

My Daughter Is Bipolar
My daughter is 38 and the same way. Tells me last night she was with our Bishop in the chapel and he saw the demons but does not know how to help her. She desperately needs hospitalization and medication but denies she is bipolar. She insists it is demonic possession and she needs an exorcism. She has seen several priests over the years and they all have told her she does not have demons. She has no place to live and has not worked in ages. Plus she drinks till passing out much of the time. We love her dearly but feel helpless. Prayer is the only thing we can do and I will pray for your daughter too. We need miracles here.

Friend Becoming A Mormon
No, the Mormons ALREADY did the twisting, the OTHER sites try to straighten it up

Who Is The One True Church
The Catholic church has blatantly replaced God with their pope. The absolute worst form of apostate there can be! There is NO WAY they could be the "True Church"! It says in the Bible "Here is the patience of the saints (remenant): here are they that KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD AND HAVE THE FAITH OF JESUS" Rev. 14:12 and -
Isa. 8:20 "To the law and to the testimony, if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them."
No, from everything I have read in the Bible the Pope is the Antichrist! Definitely NOT the True church.

How To Draw Near To God
The same way you draw nearer to ANYONE. Spend time with Him, learn everything you can about Him by reading His word. Sing His praises and pray.

Did Jesus Have Brothers
Yes, He did have 1/2 brothers. Same mother, different father

What If Big Bang Is True
You got THAT right brother!

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