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Marry For Love Or God's Will
I suspect if God has chosen a certain Man for you and you do not believe in your Heart this Man God chose for you can make you Happy, I suspect it is not God who is wrong or has a problem, but it is Jessy who lacks Faith in his Plan for her. There is a good reason he chose this Man for you. Have Faith and see what happens. I believe, as God does, if you will have Faith in his Plan as you claim to have Faith in God, then you will see that this Man needs you for some reason and all your Dreams, Prayers and Wishes will come true 10 times over as is God's Plan. Have Faith and Believe, Jessy. I do, because I'm the other half he chose for...

Marry For Love Or God's Will
If you accept God is omniscient, in spite of the Fall of Man or any # of other examples of Human frailty and disappointment, then you should at least give it a chance, Jess. You obviously don't Love the One God chose for you for a # of reasons I can readily imagine as a Man. Look inside your Heart and pray to God and all those others you Love, Know, and Trust who are with him now. Do you still doubt he is The One, Your One?If He went to all the trouble to Plan Your Match before you were both even born, then he must have a good reason, and I cannot accept he would make you Live the rest of your Life, Jessy, without The One you've been searching for, without True Love. Have Faith, be Strong, and let God and the Good guide you.They chose right.

How To Get The Holy Spirit
I find it interesting the use of get. GET saved, GET salvation, GET the holy spirit. None of which is biblical. Receive the holy spirit, receive salvation, receive grace, receive reconciliation. That is because God already gave. We cannot get from God what he already gave freely.

You receive because you believe what God has already done to humanity through Christ. The reason many do not receive is because they do not believe. If someone tells you that you have a million dollars in the bank in your name, freely to take, it does you no good to not believe it. It's still yours, it's still requires you to believe. But you still live in poverty because you have not received.


Earth Billions Of Years Old
Honestly, I'm not sure of the original question or where it's going.

I start with God. In the beginning. Thats it. Not exactly when "beginning" was, but its a good place to start. Lets start with this question. When is the beginning when all this got started? As some pointed out, the bible does not say. Just "in the beginning" And if you want to add the next word: God.
In the beginning God.
Expand on that a bit, go to John 1:1 "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word is God".
Then start the debate of creation.
And when you really think about it, does it really matter when? If the earth if 5 billion years old, great! I'm good with that.


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