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Christ's Linen Napkin
The Greek word translated as "napkin" in John is soodarion. It literally means "face cloth". In Jewish burial tradition the only cloth wrapped around the head of a dead person would be their prayer shawl or tallit (tah LEET). Since the prayer shawl is used during prayer it would have been treated more reverently than the linen wrappings that would have wrapped Jesus' body. That is likely why it was rolled up by itself apart from the linen wrappings by whomever rolled it up.

How Much To Give My Church
Scriptural basis for tithing? Abraham tithed of the spoils of war... not his personal belongings. Tithing as commanded in Scripture was for the provision of the Levitical priesthood since they had no portion in the Land. NT believers should contribute to their churches, true... but it is not a "tithe". Give as you are led and don't let anyone bully you into giving any specific amount.

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