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Great Falling Away Close
I am Christian, have been my whole life, until last year. I actually felt like I was another person and sinned like never before. I prayed for Christ to come back into my life. I have fallen so far. But I want to come back but now have fear of rejection into the kingdom of heaven. I actually forgot scripture and am all foggy, it's like a new me. But I want to be forgiven, I want to make sure I still have a place. Please help me. Remind me anyone. Do I still have a chance? I think I broke every commandment possible. I wan't to die.

Should I Divorce My Husband
I just wanted to say NOT to jump to conclusions. Your husband may have looked at the site one time or another to see the different people there, I have done this myself and I have never cheated on my husband. He's probably curious on who in the world would go on a singles website I know I was and I haven't went any further with my looking. Anyhow, you worry too much, you know your hubby loves you and I wouldn't let one site that was on his e-mails upset you. God Bless You and Take CAre Brand5547

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