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Selling Goods Inside A Church
So Francis I clearly understand that Jesus wasn't pointing out buying and selling in church as a problem, but rather the motive behind it (self-profit). But check this scenario and tell me if its right. We're in service and the word is being ministered and right in the middle the minister starts talking about her books which were on the same topic she was preaching. However, she paused the message and started asking who would like to purchase the book, starts selling it. Now is this right? And I'm not judging her just concerned.

Married Man Found Dream Lady
Hey, listen all of you who critisize the poor guy who is struggling now. It is so easy to blame him. Ofcourse we all know that this is a sin. But this brother of ours doesn't need all these stones that you threw at him. He knows he is a sinner - otherwise he wouldn't share his dilema with christian brothers. How about trying to understand the roots of his weekness? How about we try to find out more about his life. Maybe we will understand then. It is so easy to acuse him in adultery. Show him love, patience and understanding. Would you like to share details of your life my dear friend? I probably have a lot to talk to you. Let us know you better. Judging you is the last thing to do. The first - to give you comfort and help you find the truth.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Explaining to your kids what they did was wrong is NOT PUNISHMENT. Therefor you are teaching htem that there is no consiquence for sin. Many, many people in the Bible were punished for their sins. Jesus showed us what the punishment we deserved for our sins was: crusifiction. Do you know how painfull that is? (Not that I've been cruscified before)
God didn't just pretend Jesus was a sinner adn tell him what he did wrong. He PUNISHED him in our place. And hte punishment was INTENSE PHYSICAL PAIN.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
If you do not discipline your child, you are NOT preparing them for a godly life in the REAL WORLD! If you lash out in blind rage, that is NOT right. Anger is the most devistating tool of the devil. If you don't take the time to discipline your children, you are being selfish, and, in short, a fool. It doesn't matter if you spank your children or not, if you use your hand or a paddle, if you take away their poeseions or confine them to their room. All that matters is that you teach them ot love you, love God, love eachother, love their enemies, respect you, respect god, respect eachother, respect their enemies, and understand that their is consiquence for sin.

Guess what? This is a 12-year-old kid speaking.

Do End Times Scare You
When you talk about fear of beheadings and all, your refering to the tribulation when the new world order comes and war strikes all over. But the great thing about this is the rapture happens before that time, which is when God will say to all who have kept him in their hearts even the dead to come to him. We will rise to be with him faster then the blink of an eye and we will not endure the tribulation period.

Does Suffering Please God
God in the Old Testament was pleased by the aroma of burning flesh and demanded blood be sprinkled onto his altars. In the New Testament he sent his own son to die a horrible death on the cross. Jesus had to pay the price of sin, but to whom was this fee owed? You guessed it, God demanded the blood of his own son. In short, yes, God is pleased by the suffering of people.

Last King Of Israel
Solomon was the last king of the united state of Israel before it went into civil war and became two nations: Israel and Judah. The last king of Israel before the Assyrian invasion was Hoshea. In Judah, Zedekiah was the last king before the Babylonian invasion. After that Israel was not an independent state and was subject to the rulers of whatever empire they were under.

God Does Not Speak To Me
God's only spoking to me audibly twice in my life, most of the time is through his word (bible) at least for me. A few other times it's been through people or situations.

That's the amazing thing about God he contiues to led us teach us though the trails , & tribulations. There essential. His light can pierce through any darkness. Sometimes we just need to change our prospective to see all he does.

Justify Creationism
Once the original chemical is removed the population of insects resestant to it will revert back to the same old way and again be harmed by this chimical. Now remember this does take a long period of time to happen. Darwin was a man who ASSUMED that evolution whas a period of adaptation that happend over a long period of time thus not reversable. Now if you ask me Evolution makes a great story....In the begining the was stuff...then a Blob of stuff...then other stuff.ect..Monkey yay!!! and early man.

Justify Creationism
whoo that was a hard trip. now I would assume that if you were to take 2 humans, leave them on a island all alone, you could come back and find some apes after a few thousand years. I mean you have got to get up the tree to get the bannanas.

Justify Creationism
Darwin and his followers have never been able to do one more thing. create a change in apperence ie. wings or another finger ect...Without proof of this happining then evolution remains just a theory.

Justify Creationism
In the begining God created. Gen 1:1. this does not say God might have or he could have. I said he DID. This in human terms is what we call a statement not a theory. it also sais that we were created in his image. This must be true. no theory of evolution can figure out were intelegence came from. ummmm duh GOD! without God there is no science thus no theory of evolution. when you take God from the picture you remove the sole driving force behind Evolution..You Can't Think It Up!!

Justify Creationism
The argument is simple. There are alot out there that make this a complex thing. One of the best know tests for this is pesticide in insects. The insect will change in make up to no longer be harmed by the chemical and have to be treated with a new one.

Is Dancing OK For Teenagers
Dancing is fine. Although it depends on what exactly they're doing when dancing. There are many different types of dancing. Some harmless, innocent, and some dirty. I think you can easily be the judge on what's appropriate.

I Don't Think God Is Real
What I am trying to bring here, if you think of the current times, stuff like miracles, healings just don't seem logical today, so what makes the past more logical than today? We are more advanced than ever before, I think humans are more capable of small miracles today than in the past. Christians believe that Mary was a virgin, and through God gave birth to Jesus. If I argued that to have no logic at all, many would just simply say that not true. Christians are stuck up on that their religion is right

Who Is Kim Clement
Wheather or not you like GB or not Kim Clement is helping people to come to Christ and we should not be negative against anyone of God's people, but we should always question and serch the word for ourselves. GW is not in a cult. He is a man of God.

Let's Exchange Marquee Sayings
dont be comfortable in christ, be contagious

Recommendation 666 Of The EU
"Recommendation 666" is an actual document of the Western European Union saying that it will be the "military muscle" of the EU. The WEU is made up of 10 full member nations. "666" also establishes a High Representative position able to call a council at any time, as well as to hold emergency powers if granted.

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