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Tithing Not Biblical Sermon
If you truly want to follow the example of giving found in book of Acts, then look no further than Acts 2:44-45 -

"And all those who had believed were together and had all things in common, and they began selling their property and possessions and were sharing them with all, as anyone might have need."

The true heart of the giver was to take care of his fellow brother, even if that meant giving/selling everything he owned. It was not pinned to a percentage or a number. I am willing to bet that if the church today did this, we would give much more than our legalistic 10%.

Who is Bishop Eddie Long?
Bishop Long is my pastor and I love him. Many things that he says are taken out of context. He preaches the gospel according to how it is written. If you read the word for yourself you would know this. New Birth is a great place and we do alot of things for the community. Bishop is so inspiring!

Who is John Hagee?
I have to say that I dissagree with all you people..God blesses us when we do his will..Some people think its a sin to be wealthy and maybe it is but God is the only Judge and I think all of you need to question if you are truly born again...You all are being very judgemental and blaspheming a man's name and in the Bible that is the same as murder

Who is John Hagee?
I hope you all know that the things you say affect alot of people especially newly born again my opinion you all are distorting God's word and recreating it with what your opnion is..don't you know satan can quote the Bible word for word..knowing the bible doesnt make you a christian

Who is John Hagee?
we are supposed to love all...the tong is a two edged sword and can be used to lift people up and tear people down..I pray that the Lord will forgive me for reading this garbage

What Is The Worst Sin
I don't think that any sin is worse then the next. They are all equally wrong in Christ's eyes. God took all of our sins onto himself on the cross. Even the things like telling a "little white lie."

Acceptable to Date A 16 Year Old
Personally, I am 16 years old (I will be 17 in 2 months) and my boyfriend just turned 20 three months ago. There is a 3.5 age difference with us and it is no problem! I feel as long as it's legal, it's okay! In your case, depending on your state (but for most it's 16) it is illegal to be dating this girl. Find someone a little older, besides, have you talked to this girl about it? I think you should talk to her about what you guys want to do. Wait until she's at least 17 or 18 or find someone else!

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