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What Is The Third Heaven
The cosmology of the first century included 3 "heavens." 1.) the atmospheric conditions around earth: wind,rain, clouds, lightning, thunder etc. 2.) the heavenly bodies: sun, moon, stars, planets and 3.) the spiritual or unseen realm. It was the spritual unseen realm that Paul was referring to in the story of his being caught up into the third (unseen) heaven.

Do Biblical Churches Exist
Earnest-Not sure what you mean by emblem. Washing of the feet is not a command. Jesus was teaching that even He is a servant as we all are. And we should have that attitude when it comes to being a follower.

Christians Don't Attend Church
Re:Mat 18 is a commonly misquoted passage from the Bible. The context is Church Discipline. I hear especially Word of Faith teachers often misquote it for the false prosperity gospel.
Heb 10:25 is a good passage about the church assembling together in worship.

Christians Don't Attend Church
Good comments Rona 5743

Christians Don't Attend Church
---more_excellent_way-If your using this passage to promote not attending church, your using this out of context. This is about idol worship by the Israelites, which God is a jealous God, and He can not tolerate wrongful worship amongst His people.

Christians Don't Attend Church
One thing I have noticed is it seems with some Christians is, with one experience that they do not like or disagree with, with one church or a member then they do not seek to find a healthy well balanced Church to attend. I question where is there heart? If one takes one disappointment and doesn't persevere, how are they going to persevere in the faith?

Attack Bloggers Responses
When a follower is correcting, teaching another believer or unbeliever, we are to treat them with kindness and gentleness. It is OK to disagree on non-essentials of the faith, but we should never divide, as the body of Christ, the church, over the essentials. We can debate, but we should never divide.

Do Biblical Churches Exist
Amen Earnest. A Christian should seek to join a healthy well balanced church. Christ centered, teaches the full counsel of God. Practices the two ordinances of Baptism and the Lord's Supper. Good fellowship. Equips the body of Christ, His church, seeks to lead the lost to Christ.

Do Biblical Churches Exist
Candice. That is incorrect. The trinity is shown in different passages in the Bible. Remember the Bible is written as literature. There are concepts that we can understand by looking at passages throughout the Bible. When God says, 'A cattle on a thousand hills', He is not talking about literally a thousand cattle. He is talking about everything is His. We must interpret scripture within scripture, in context and in meaning. This is called Hermeneutics. In Genesis, we see the trinity. The use of the plural "us", in Gen 1:26. We see the Lord is talking, not only God. We read God's Spirit coming over the Earth, in creating atmosphere, in Gen 1:2. David spoke of wanting the Spirit, the third person of the triune.

Do Biblical Churches Exist
Candice here are the divergences from the Christian Essentials and Biblical principles-
1. The trinitarian doctrine of the Holy Trinity - Christadelphians believe that Jesus is not the second person of a triune Godhead, but the only-begotten Son of God who was born to Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit, lived as a mortal human being, died on the cross and was raised from the grave to immortality. The spirit is understood to be God's power in action, not a third member of a triune Godhead.
>>This is heresy. All cults and false religions start with denying the Deity of Christ.

Do Biblical Churches Exist
Christadelphians don't hold Christian essentials and Biblical practices.
In our church, a small one, the pastor pays for expenses out of his pocket. He does receive a small salary.

Do Catholics Read Their Bible
This is like asking a man does he still beat his wife. Even if he's never touched her a "no" answer incriminates him by the way the question is asked. I just converted to Catholicism after 31 years as a Protestant. Catholic tradition does not supersede scripture, but obviously the person asking this question has taken no time gain a real understanding of the difference between the Protestant and Catholic mind. Questions like this only foster an arrogance that I feel safe in saying is contrary to a true Christian spirit.

How Does God Speak To You
Whilst God speaks to me though his written word, God also speaks very directly to me through my emotions. At times, almost every few days, when I hear or experience the plight of poor or agrieved people, or when I hear some foundational "truth", it seems my soul or spirit responds in some way, and this response appears to manifest as a deep resonance in my chest, an almost crushing but upwelling of emotion that to me feels like ... Yes, this is God talking to me. I would describe it as a heart shudder. Thanks God, for you are always near.

What Does Born Again Mean
Being born again is about coming back to Jesus and beginning where you left off. It's the son returning to his father, and the huge celebration is about to happen, because he was once lost and now is found. Heaven literally celebrates when you come back to Him. However, it's not finished. You will definitely go through spiritual warfare, because now you left your path of destruction and Satan wants you back on it. You must continue building a relationship with God all the days of your life. He needs to your father who knows exactly what you need to do, and if needed, who to help. You need to understand that and trust in him always. We need to spread that advice to all are brothers and sisters on this earth, no matter what faith or religion.

Do Unborn Babies Go To Hell
It is a very easy question to look too deep into and miss the simple answer. God is with us while we are in the womb (baking in the oven). He knows us already! We have a relationship with him, even when we don't know it yet cause our brains are just developing. So yes, unborn babies have a place in heaven with God.

Do Unborn Babies Go To Hell
God loves all his creations. He knows the number of sparrows that leave this life, and the number of sparrows that have entered into it each day. He spent part of a day filling the ocean with life even miles below. Creatures we will never even probably see in man's existence. Why would He do this and not give them a place in His infinite home. Was it not stated that all of Gods creations are good? Then why wouldn't he give all that is good a soul? Look into a big loving dogs eyes and observe the love, feelings, and thoughts you see in them. This dog has cares for you and is loved by God. Therefore treat animals the way you would treat your fellow friend. Remember all living things have feelings, or they wouldn't fear death.

Will Cloned People Have Spirits
A cloned animals still goes through the same process that all living things go through. There genetics were just tinkered with. God knows their arrival before any of us were even born. He knows the very thoughts in our heads and what's in-store of the the future. They have souls and they have a place in heaven.

Committing Suicide A Selfish Act
God knows and understands what a person in great depression is going through. Nowhere in the Bible does it directly say committing suicide is a one way ticket to hell. It is murder yes, but can't even murderers be forgiven and Christ-like. I truly believe that God knows the heart, and in the end a suicidal victim will be judged like all of us will be judged who have fallen short. To God, a sin is a sin, and no sin outweighs the other. Suicide is definitely wrong and dangerous to your relationship with God. By doing it you are saying God can't even help me through this. You are lacking faith and trust in him. However, who's to say you would go to hell...that's up to God at that point. Would you really want to chance it?!

How Do Jews Atone For Sins
While your in here trying to get magic words to get awe-inspiring occurances of God, people out in your cities and neighborhoods need your aid. They need to know what you know, and help to build a relationship with Him. They need to know that they are in a world at war for their souls, and this planet is Satan's playground. I'm sure Satan loves that a lot of you just stay in your homes and pray and talk to God all day. If you were talking to God, he would tell you to go outside and talk to somebody. Shame on those who spend their time saying prayers and striving for wonders on their own accord. By serving others and just loving them for who they are, you will hear God and see him work his wonders. Don't make "Magic" your only intent.

Someone Propecied For Me
I know this is, probably, way-late (and probably a dollar short, too), but, I think it still applies:

Heb 1:1 God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,
2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds,

Doesn't anyone ever read the Bible, around here? The whole purpose of the OT was to prophesy Jesus. The purpose of the NT is Jesus fulfilled. What other prophet do we need?

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