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Friend Becoming A Mormon
Ashley, You're completely ignorant! If you think that a full-time bishop over a church shouldn't receive pay, then how is that man going to pay for his family. Oh, and it was Jesus who commanded us to be born again. Even if you did have the entire bible memorize, which I completely doubt, you still don't know what the heck you're talking about!
Happy LDS, We're not in the 1800's, and your so-called prophets in the Mormon churches today are facing prison time for statutory rape! You can stand up for your cult all you want. The truth is revealed in the light of God's Word!

Friend Becoming A Mormon
Ashley, It is totally obvious that you don't understand anything that's written in the bible. I didn't get my faith from some false prophet like you did. I learned the Word of God from studying to show myself approved. Your arguements don't even make any sense. Sometimes it's hard to believe how blind people are to the scriptures. And before you try to point your finger at me as though I live in sin, you should get your facts straight, because I do live in obedience to God's Word, and I don't just attend church on Sunday. As a matter of fact, my pastor just put me in charge of his outreach ministry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not Joseph Smith!

Friend Becoming A Mormon
And just to make it clear, I don't attend a multi-million dollare megachurch. I know that they're preaching prosperity messages to get rich off of God's people! They've turned the house of the Lord into a den of theives. Jesus whipped all of the money changers and those who sold doves and all of those who bought in the house of God out, and He's gonna do it again! The money changers are the preachers who teach the churches to tithe in order to get rich, and those who sold doves are the preachers who teach the churches to tithe in order to receive the anointing! Those who bought are the foolish bridesmaids! Judgement begins in the house of the Lord! You can't buy God's anointing and favor!

Friend Becoming A Mormon
Happy LDS, You are right about one thing though! There are going to be more prophets rising up in these last days, but they won't be Mormons! Jesus is about to confront the entire body of Christ! These are the days of the restoration of all things, but not as it's taught in the Mormon religion. Jesus is about to pour out His Spirit in these last days in order to be glorified by His bride! These are the days of the latter rain, and it will make the day of Pentecost look like a mere drizzle! The Lord is about to confront all of the wolves in sheep's clothing that have creeped into the body of Christ to divide the flock for the slaughter! These are the days of the spirit and power of Eliahu, that prophet of old! I hear rain coming!

Catholics Believe In Jesus
I wasn't trying to make it sound like that's the only way child molesters are made, but tell me where in the bible a preist was ever made to abstain from marriage in order to become a preist. That is not biblical! Even in the Old Testament preists had wives. I'm making an accurate observation. Why are so many Catholic preists being caught for child molestation? If they're burning with passion, then they should marry! Why does the Pope protect them from prosecution? He takes them out of one church and moves them to another! And what about all of the other false doctrine that Catholicism teaches believers to practice? It's all modern day paganism whether you were raised with it or not! I was a Catholic before I got saved! Now I know Jesus!

Our Resurrection Body
So what are you saying, 1st cliff, that Jesus created sin? My God is incapable of sin! The bible tells us that Satan is the father of all lies! Sin didn't originate from the Lord, but from the devil! Satan took what God had and twisted it for evil! God didn't create murder, or adultury, or blasphemy, or anything else that goes against His Word! God doesn't contradict Himself! Sin is the lie! Satan is the father of all lies! Anything that is not of God is from Satan! So, that is why i believe Satan came up with sin! Had it existed before Satan, then Jesus would've destroyed it long before we ever came into the picture!

Are Catholics Christians
Mary doesn't help us get our prayers heard by God! Otherwise, she would be the mediator between God and man! Jesus Christ is our mediator! 1 Tim 2:5 There is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus!
Luke 11:1-4 When you pray, say "Our FATHER!"
It doesn't mention anywhere in the bible that we are to pray to Mary! Mary fulfilled her calling! She was blessed among all women because the Lord chose her to give birth to Jesus! She wan't pure, and without sin! She needed a Savior too! If she was so Holy, then why would she have had more children with Joseph? She was a human being like the rest of us, in need of forgiveness! Jesus said, "NOBODY COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME." John 14:6

Witness To A Jehovah Witness
2 John :10-11
You are not to allow them into your house! You're not even supposed to greet them!

Cain And Abel Wifes
As Gentiles, we are grafted into Israel by the blood of Jesus. Everyone who believes and follows Christ are His bride. Even King David knew Jesus! So did Moses and Isaiah. Just because we're under the new covenant, it doesn't make us seperate from Israel and Judah! We are all one body! God only has one bride!

Catholics Believe In Jesus
The true church doesn't pray to Mary! We pray to God the Father in the name of Jesus! The true church doesn't call the pope Holy Father! Only God is our Holy Father! The true church doesn't pray to the saints! All of those who believe and obey Jesus Christ are His saints! The true church doesn't confess their sins to a preist that's a man! We are not under the law! We confess our sins to God through His Holy Spirit, because Jesus died to make it so! The true church doesn't pray the rosary! The rosary and every other statue or picture that is prayed to is made an idol by the person praying to it! The true church doesn't command men to make vows to abstain from marriage when we don't all have the self control! That's how child molesters are made!

Blasphemy Against Holy Ghost
Attributing God's work to Satan is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit! Read Mark 4:28-30 If you have received the Holy Spirit, I believe He will never leave you. Jesus says that when we receive the Holy Spirit, He will remain with us forever! You can greive the Holy Spirit once you've received Him, but with the promise Jesus has made to complete the good work which He's started, I find it pretty impossible to ever loose the Holy Spirit! We are sealed with the name of the Living God! The Holy Spirit is our GUARANTEE! 2 Cor 1:22, 2 Cor 5:5, Eph 1:14 Who can loosen the grip of the Lord? Who can reverse that which the Lord has set in motion? If you're saved, it's impossible for you to give Satan glory!

Friend Becoming A Mormon
Happy LDS, your religion also says that a man can't enter the kingdom of Heaven without the written consent of Joseph Smith! So what are we supposed to do, go dig up that false prophet, and see if he can still write? I bet it's really hot where he's at right now for all of the people he's lead astray from the Lord! You speak in ignorance of the Hell you're facing for the lies you've preached, but you'll reap the rewards of your works! Where is your Garden of Eden and your New Jerusalem anyways? It should've been there in Missouri by now! Oh yeah, I forgot! Joseph Smith was a LIAR! You go ahead and stand on that sinkin sand, fella! I'm gonna stand on the Rock of my salvation! His name is JESUS!

When Did Dinosaurs Die Out
I don't believe the dinosaurs have completely died out. We still have alegators, tortuses, and many other reptiles. If you notice most of them that are alive today are aquadic. I believe that Noah had dinosaur babies on the ark. After the flood, the bible tells us that Nimrod was a mighty hunter! He definately wasn't hunting ducks or deer! I don't even think a bear would put you into the "mighty hunter" catagory! He was a dinosaur hunter! In Job 40 and 41, it talk about Behemoth and Leviathan! These were not zoo animals people! They've also discovered Peruvian pots with paintings of men being attacked by dinosaurs, which were dated back 1800 years ago.

Other People Than Adam And Eve
Now you can see the kind of education your kids are getting in public schools! Hahaha! My bad! I'm glad Jesus has called me to preach the gospel, and not to be anyones doctor! Hahaha! I've never actually counted anyones ribs! Lol! Please forgive me! I'm still learnin! God bless!

Word Faith Negative Confessions
The only way we can cause anything to happen by speaking is if you're actually prophesying according to the Word of God. Elijah said it would not rain except at his word, but he was prophesying. It's not like you can accidentally curse yourself out of a job. Now you can speak volgarly and not be blessed because of your disobedience, but you're not God. All of creation trembles at the sound of His voice, not yours! Your tongue has the power to bless and to curse, but it's not something accidental, like, "I'll never find a job." How many times did you find one after you said that? Stick to the bible, not to filthy rich preachers who live in luxury while people in there churches go homeless!

Keep Committing Adultery
If you truely repent, then yes Jesus forgives you. God is engaged to the backslidder. We all stumble. Some of us fall harder and further than others, but our God loves us still. He will not stop perfecting you as long as you don't stop surrendering. Each time you backslide, it makes it a little bit harder to get back up. The more you continue in sin, the harder your heart becomes to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. It's like russian rullet with you spirit man. Where sin abounds, grace abounds more, but not to be taken advantage of to fulfill the lusts of the flesh. We will all be held accountable for our works, so you better put on the full armor and learn to keep it on!

I'm A Recovering Agnostic
Quit looking at everyone else to see if God is real! If you want to have faith then get into the bible! If you base your decision to believe in God off of other people being perfect or not, then you may never get to know the Lord! If you want to know what kind of church to attend, then read the bible! Scripture gives a complete description of what a surrendered church practices. It's not about robes and rituals or any denomination. It's all about Jesus. Read the Word, and check out the churches in your area to see which ones are preaching straight from the bible. Now as for worship preferences, you better be ready for anything! True worshippers are excited about Jesus, and they're not afraid to show it! God bless!

Do I Work A Job
It's actually God, yourself, your spouse, your children, then your job, but if you have to work in order to provide for your children, then you should work, for in doing so you are taking care of your children. If you can't afford to give up your job in order to take care of the kids, then you need to continue to work and pray that the Lord will make a way for your husband to become the sole provider for your household. You should submit to your husband since he is the head of the household, because it is written. If you will trust the Lord, then He will work it in your favor. God is a God of order, so He will set your house in order if you'll just trust Him. Respect your husband, and God will honor your prayer. God bless!

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