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Altar Calls Every Sunday
We must not forget the thing that maters! Souls saved by the grace of God! Altar is spoke of hundreds of times in the Bible. We have become a gereration of political corectness nuts while refuseing absolute THUTH. We must stop tring to creat a church or religion thats fits me and yield to the spirit of God.The altar is not mans tridition, but rather a place of sacrafice to the living God. May we all make an altar to the Lord before,after,and during church!Scripture references:Judges 6,24,Matt.5,23,1ch21,26 and many more.

Can Women Be Leaders
In most cases of leadership by a woman Israel was led into evil and turned away from God.
Deborah never taught the will of God for that was the job of the priest. She did not lead men into battle, but told Barak to lead the men. (Judges 4 6-7)
Deborah never taught to a group but rather to individuals, but gave private judgement when people came to her. (Judges 4,5)
The book of judges can be a poor example of what to do and how to live a Christian life.

Is Moronism A Cult
It sounds like Dave needs to take off his Mormon holy underware and girt his loins with the truth and the armor of God!

Are Mormons Christians
Praise God for Rachel...glad you renounced Mormonism and Jesus set you free!

Is John Mark Karr Guilty
God knows. We don't...

Read 1 Corinthians 4 again.

Are Mormons Christians
If all mormons are christians, does that mean all christians are mormons? Of course not because nobody that is a christian is a Mormon...mormonism is a cult!

False Doctrines And Teachings
Wow Dan. Sounds like the Mormons have some really bad doctrine. Maybe Robert or one of the others will attempt to explain with Biblical scripture if these are not correct.

Demoninations In The Bible
There is an article in the Baptist Press on May 31, 2005 By Todd E. Brady that suggests Southern Baptist aren't effective at evangelizing as they could be because they might not be saved (they have too easy church membership!). You might want to do a google search and read it.

This Is The Computer Blog
Ok, so how do you make Italics? Or BOLD? Or underline something?
I don't know if this will work.

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