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Anyone Know About Mormons
Upon physical death, your spirit leaves the body and enters the spirit world where it dwells in paradise or prison. Those in paradise were faithful and obediant on earth. Those in prison were not or were never given the chance to hear of Christ. Therefore, people from paradise visit prison and act as missionaries to teach those in prison, allowing them to accept or reject the gospel. This continues until resurrection and final judgement. Everyone is resurrected, no matter what. Judgement determines which level of glory you will dwell in for eternity. There are 3 degrees: Celestial (highest), Terrestrial, and Telestial. There is also an outer darkness which is reserved for Satan and the sons of perdition.

Can I Marry A Poor Man
Don't! If he stays poor - you'll suffer poverty-- if he makes money, there's MALE EGO. It's lonely being married to a "self made" man when you are the woman who spent thankless years doing endless work behind the scenes to ensure "his" success. I stopped pursuing my goals in order to help build a business my once poor & bright, but unfocused husband could run since he couldn't get or hold a decent job. Finally, the business did well, the success went to his head, and his personality became unappealing to me. As his reputation as a talented professional grew, my identity faded into the background. RUN A MILE in the opposite direction before you marry a man who can't make it without your total involvement.

Mega Churches Have Mega Pastors
It says in the bible that the master is not supeiror over the servant nor is the servant greater then the master-(thease are my own words,but the main pt is there) Therefore the teachers or pastors in the church shuold be on the same leavel as the members,but as for teaching they can teach us correctly,btu not seem "higher"then us.

Youth Pastor Dating A 15 Year Old
Go to the deacons. This is against the law in most states. The youth director needs to be confronted about his indiscriminate behavior.

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