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Living In Self Deception
God showed me personally.I do not doubt God.

Can I Marry A Older Girl
Seriously? you can do what you want as long as both parties are ok with it, & both of you are equally yolked in God. My first husband was 8months younger then me, then my now & last husband is 4 yrs older.I always say as long as you are not breaking teh law with age, it doesn't matter.

Mormon Witness The Most
Maybe if more so called Christians wouldn't be afraid to gather their bibles & go witnessing door to door then yes they'd help others , but the LDS are not preaching the correct gospel since the book of mormon is an added book.I commend them for their efforts, but I am saddened some of the Christan brothers& sisters do not want to go out to neighborhoods & actually start a biblestudy.there is nothing wrong with this.

Only Attend A House Church
PT 2:
Anyhow, the disciples unlike the pharasees did not go to schools like the higher educated did,but Jesus still chose them to lead his flock, so not ever Elder/Pastor needs a college education to have a home church or to pastor at a church, as long as God picked them to be a vessel the n that is all they need. We see if the homechurches work by the fruits they bear.

Role Of Women In Church Services
The women can teach in bible classess or teach their children at home being raised in Christ.However i stand with the bible stating women should not be in the preachers chair. If for what ever reason she does represent in the place of a pastor & there are noother men to give the teaching she should respectfully acknowledge the man. but again yes they can teach in class,but not in service.

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