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Nephilium And Human DNA
To say this, whilst many popular sci-fi are androcentric (early Star Trek included), the New Wave are more realistic and ethical on isssues of identity, government and society. At least better read the Bible and accept, He is the Truth.

Nephilium And Human DNA
I used to like it once, now I'm opting for some manga and Christian comics (because they're kinda realistic, mundane or not bordering on psionics). Remember believing in fantasy can become bad because you'll lose your sense of reality. We humans always do that.

Evolution Is Proved Wrong
Now I'm hating evolutionism; it's no wonder why there are so many holes in there. What if the modern whale and the supposedly "primitive" whales are really cousins. Actually there are more like siblings! Well, it's a good thing all what God's Word is true. And if evolution existed but it doesn't exist after all!

Are Some Sports Unchristian
Take it from the Japanese: in sumo wrestling, the athletes involved in it respect each other, that means they have to respect their opponents.

Femenist Movement In America
Feminists also say that there is a need to weaken patriachal authority and portray them as wimpy. Ironically their intent is equality but it's more of vain sexism. Likewise God intended both man and woman to be something like in supporting husband-and-wife (or brother and sister) relationship.

Genetic Modifed Crops
Humans have always been playing God since the Beginning (read Genesis). When Satan possessed a snake, he tempted Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge (he said to her "you will become like God"). Then she and Adam shared the fruit and grew immoral.

Madonna Mocking Christ
We can tell NBC to ban it anyways because it's blasphemous; this act mocks Christ. Most celebrities are always or usually good in mocking Christ, even turning away from Him towards money and drugs (or black magic).

3 Year Old Loves Superman
Sailormoon and the rest...they're just make-believe. On the other hand, Jesus is the real Superman and so on. Read comics adaptations of Bible stories, Biblical comics and if lucky, Biblical manga.

Raising The Dead In America
It's true, only God can resurrect the dead. Satan and humans have limited power. I starting to not find necromancy acceptable in a cartoon, even though it's portrayed comically yet it's glorified. If a kid is going to "resurrect" the dead, s/he is only actually summoning demonic poseurs. The dead don't leave home, they go home. But it's fun to satirize necromancy: someone summons the dead but instead he conjures a demon.

Are Magicians Demonic
I hope that I'd dislike psychic powers (which I'm beginning to defile). Magic, most celebrated in cartoons and comics except for the "magic" in LOTR which is more of gift though it seems like that to hobbits. Geez, please stop being so in love with magic. It looks like more kids are starting to be "psychic". It's nice to redefine psychic as in pertaining to the minds and overall nature of demons.

Christian Women Dress Scantly
I don't like seeing characters in bathing suits, even if they are elite (though I prefer them to be very emotionally, personally and socially complex as everyone else, with their intents, emotions and desires being corrupted). I like it when they were stylish, modest 20's bathing suits. That pretty much covers everything. I hate seeing the navel, even though I lust.

Good TV Programs For Kids
Gee, I wish more teen-oriented American shows would be less on nasty comedy, more on emotion and emotionally complex characters (even if the character is elite or whatsoever). I wish there were more Christian comics and cartoons that address Christian ideas on sin, death and Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior. Why would necromancy and psychic powers be funny when they are scary and morbid in reality? It's more of the moral downfall of America.

Rosie Odonnell's Interview
The violence there are also historical accounts; why would anyone say the Bible is violent when they are historical events you can't change the past but you can change the present and the future. God is the Keeper of Time and we shouldn't ever doubt His Word.

Good TV Programs For Kids
As each generation passes, popular youth and children's media have become more politically correct. However it's also becoming more obssessd with paganism, Darwinism and magic (except for LOTR, that's nice to read), not to mention songs are increasing more focused on anger, suicidal thoughts and sex. This is especially true with comics, read one comic and spot the dark theme (be it psionics). Recommendations for Christians: Powermark.

Rosie Odonnell's Interview
Actually in the Bible, they were mostly historical metaphors, prophecies metamorphorized and old system of laws towards criminals. The same is true with every world government in the olden times, especially in the Philippines where leaders used to kill convicts as punishment.

Are There Space Aliens
Yeah, aliens are actually demons Satan himself can disguise as an angel of light or anything else to tempt us. For most people, aliens exist demons do not which is false. In reality, demons exists aliens do not except for illegal immigrants. I used to be obsessed with that stuff, now I'm going away from it.

Backstreet Boys Photo Boycott
Like what I said: Celebrities are easily corrupted by power and Satan, even though they want longing from people. It's easy for a celebrity later on, to enjoy being with naked ladies and "shed" their clean-cut image. Four of the BSB did it. Brian did not. Hooray for Brian!

Jessica Simpson Preacher Kid
Yes, they were religious but not saved. Celebrities are easily corrupted by power, though they really want to be adored and loved by people, yet their intent is distorted later on troubling them. Please pray for Jessie.

Tom Criuse And Scientology
It would be worse if Johnny Depp might turn to witchcraft, not being selective of the songs (his fave band, Rolling Stones; they have blasphemous songs and perhaps he listens to them, I do too but now I'm trying to be more selective of the songs that I listen to). To say this, more and more celebrities are joining the "Worship Satan" club through false philosophies: atheism or "selfism", Scientology (I wrote a satirical poem regarding it) magic.

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