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Watching R Rated Movies
Steveng, Wow. Your art is extra creepy, how do you justify that?

Can Females Wear Pants
Steveng, there are a few of us that can see behind the thin curtain into your pandora's box of who knows what.
Some of your answers give us the creeps, and some of them reveal a troubled life. I don't care if you've studied with Walt Disney.

Tithes From The Gross Or Net
I have no desire to follow you around, Steveng.
I think you enjoy public exposure far too much as it is.

Tithes From The Gross Or Net
Steveng, I know you pretty well. You know that. I get the impression your coming here is to launder your soul.

I Want Another Baby
Steveng, come up out of the gutter.

USA Founders Spirit-Filled
You know what Steveng, that's rather overboard and extreme.
I knew you would be back today for your purging. I knew it this morning.
Give up that weird art, and you won't have to feel so guilty.

Is Salvation A Process
What have you done, Steveng.
Do you feel better now?

Is Media Violence Satanic
Steveng, what would you call your form of art?

Can The Dead Speak To Us
There are dead people that speak on these blogs every day.

Some are dead to sin and alive to God.
Others are not.

Evangelism By Playing Golf
Steveng, a picture, illustration is worth a 1000 words.
There is a thin paper curtain between self righteousness and truth.

Christians Think They Are Better
I was studying parapsycology, spiritualism, ESP, ghosts, numerology, whichcraft and demonology, religions, flying saucers, psionics, channeling, way before the internet became the internet. I even attended Satan's churches, several seances, and other paranormal phenomenom (not as a participant, but as an observer). How else are you to learn about the enemy (Satan) and try to reason with people who are involved in such things.
---Steveng on 12/13/06

To witness for Christ?

Christians Think They Are Better
I did it out of love, sweetheart. Sometimes a Christian must be harsh. On another blog, people were giving their interpretation of the seeds. There were four, but non of them correct. How do I know? It was as plain as the noses on their faces, but they did not see.
---Steveng on 12/12/06

Christians Think They Are Better
Danie: Maybe, he'd just seen some very ignorant and/or heretical ideas related to numbers elsewhere on the Net, and wrote in frustration before thinking;
It's a good thing you said 'maybe,' unfortunately most people will read the sentence bypassing the maybe. Mothers say I'm patient with children, bosses ask how I could be so calm while everyone else is running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
I do think before I write or speak.
---Steveng on 12/13/06

Christians Think They Are Better
I'm not sorry for saying "sweetheart." I've been calling girls from new borns to 90 year olds for as long as I remember. I speak it, I write it. I'm not going to stop because I offend someone. I'm not part of the polically correct party, I'm my own person guided by the Holy Spirit.

Jason: I'm not married.
---Steveng on 12/13/06

Christians Think They Are Better
I'm writing a book on parenting. (In a dream - I walked up to this one couple who had two children. I pick up the 4yo girl and asked her her name. The parents told me she could not speak or hear. I started talking in tongues to her and the girl nodded her head. The parents were shocked. The child and I conversed in tongues for an hour (shown on a large digital clock on the wall which was at 11:57).
---Steveng on 3/1/07

Christians Think They Are Better
I rarely tell my dreams to anyone except a handfull of my closest friends. They're dreams unlike anyone elses I've heard or read. The parenting book is from my 33 year personal journal in which I've worked closely with children and their parents as a tutor and teacher for a couple of years (tutoring is more rewarding). I have woven Biblical principles and medical advancements throughout that prove the Bible is correct.
---Steveng on 3/4/07

Christians Think They Are Better
I'm a street preacher, I don't get paid. I work as a technical writer and graphic artist for an avionics company. The streets, the parks, the cafes I patronize are my churches/buildings. The people I meet in the streets, in the parks, in the stores are my congregation. The Christians I meet on the street are my fellowship. Need I say more? Christians don't need buildings.
---Steveng on 3/4/07

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