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Pass Drivers Test
I'm not sure why I'm doing this, especially since I don't think anyone will see this, but this just gives me a sense of hope. I'm fifteen, may someone please pray that I pass my permit test? I'm scared of feeling down and like a failure, and I'm not sure what to do..

Husband Comes Back Abortion

I've helped a few women avoid the mistake you're contemplating. When women don't go through with it, they are always glad in the end(though it may take a while). Women who abort regret it for the rest of their lives. When it dawns on them what they have actually done, they frequently need counseling. There is NO relief afterwards.

Furthermore, I guarantee you will grow to resent and despise the man who coaxed you into doing it when reality dawns on you.

I haven't seen the women I talked out of abortion again, but there's a 14yo and 7yo alive today because the mothers listened & trusted God in the most fearful times of there lives.

Rapture After The Tribulation
I don't believe there willbe a rapture. I Think we are going to be a twinkling of an eye the son of God will stand before us and we will see who "He" really is and it will be eye opening for humanity. There are so many wrong teachings going on right now. deceiving spirits and teachings.

Do You Feel Evil Shadows Around
I think there are many things out there that we weren't meant to understand, and we have to believe in the one and only Living God to keep us safe from these. It is Satan's mission to scare us, to make us doubt our faith and tempt us, and there are forces out there that can be sensed and sometimes seen...Keep the faith, stand strong and never give in!

The Book Of Philip Discovered
I've read every reply to this question, one in which I "Google'd" myself tonight. All I found was bickering, insults, name-calling, salvation-questioning, and down right pompousness when I was really looking for an answer. Now I know that "no one" may "know" the answer, but did I really have to read through all of that to see that really John T was the only person even remotely trying to help Gregg?! I'm all for a debate, but for people who are supposed to be united under one God, I'm disappointed to see that one man's questing lead to the bickering and back-and-forth of others, forgetting what the original question just isn't right.

Accept Overweight Christians
If overweight Christians shouldn't be accepted, then that means they aren't "worthy" of being saved, and so that means, I'm going to hell. Now, do I think it's wise to take fitness advice from someone who's overweight? No, obviously not. Do I think it's smart to take moral advice from a prostitute? No. We are not here to judge each other, that's His job. We are here to lift each other up, yes, hold accountable, but when someone's struggling, we should ask how we could help, not shut the door! Besides, Jesus himself really liked food, and didn't have a Ford to get him from one city to the next...

What Is Born Again Mean
I will put it this way; you know when a baby born for the first time? well, that's how you are when you born again, without blemish, and without sin. How could that be possible? Open your Bible in John 3:3. When in this scripture tells you where and how you can be born again, it also talks about the Holy Spirit, and to receive it you must be born again, because you cannot be unclean in front of the eyes of God. So, when you worship the Father, you have to do it in truth and in spirit. What do you think?

Jesus Is The Last Adam
Jesus is also called the son of men. Seed from the first men vessel Adam befor sinning he was connected with the father, after the fall no men did. When Jesus came He was again the only one connected with the father in Spirit

Jesus Is The Last Adam
He was called the last Adam because the promise to Abraham and his seed was accomplished at the ressurection, from there on God creates a new mankind. No more adams but sons/daughters of God

How To Receive the Holy Spirit
Dear Kenneth
How to receive the infilling of the Holy spirit is the same way you did when you receved Christ. Not difficult. Read Romans chapter 10-10.and rejoice and receive it the same way Believe the word. It is not a feeling. Believe the words of Jezus. Who asks, You are already saved. A beautiful new creation, the past is no more. You are now His son. And as his son according to his word He says aks in my name and it will be yours. Confess and receive. remember it is not a feeling. It is believing what the scripture says.

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