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Help With Husband's Anger
Marcus: And your wife actually STAYS with you? That's not "submission", that's bullying control! God didn't take a bone from Adam's foot for Eve to be walked on, or from the head for her to rule over him, but rather from his ribs, his SIDE, under his protective arm.

Thiefs On The Cross Baptized
I do agree with Bro. Lupe. Bro. Emcee may I give an illustration? A couple marries, but cannot afford a wedding ring. Not having the ring...does this mean they're not married? Or if they have a ring and it's lost, are they unmarried? Baptism is a symbol. Just as the wedding band symbolizes one is married, baptism is a symbol that one has accepted the Lord Jesus as their Savior and is ready to follow His commands. If one is baptized and hasn't accepted Christ...they are just WET.

Use The Internet To Find A Mate
Sites such as THIS is a great way to meet friends AND your future mate. Once you find someone you enjoy emailing, here's a suggestion...Snail Mail. Get a post office box for security reasons. You can find out so much about him by writing old-fashioned letters, exchanging pictures (they speak a 1000 words,& look in the background of them too!), and sing "Mr. Postman"! It slows down dating so that it's not going "too fast". He's out there & God will lead him to you in His time :).

Husband Has Bad Mood Swings
Andrea, I've been in your shoes, and it was my PASTOR husband...who was physically & emotionally abusive and refused to get help. Our "secret"...Are you scared? Do you worry "what will my fmly/friends/church think??!". Don't WORRY about what they think, only what's best for you and the children. If he refuses to get help, he WON'T change and you and your children are in harms (physical & mental) way. God will still love you! He's not a "Get You!" God!!

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