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Explain Sackcloth And Ashes
Jonah: Throughout the OT the Jews fasted, wore sackcloth and ashes when sorrowful and/or repenting. The people of Nineveh were not Jewish. So I am wondering if anyone knows why the people of Nineveh fasted, wore sackcloth and ashes when they repented? Was this a common practice in many cultures at that time?

Adult Child Won't Work
I have a 20 year old son that is moving out tomorrow only because I'm making him do so. I told him long ago that he has to work or be in school in order to live in my house and he's is doing neither. He keeps blaming me for his problems and says that I don't care about him. His father died of cancer when he was 11 and I just recently remarried. My husband is very aggravated at the situation and I don't blame him. He feels like my son is taking full advantage of me and I agree. I am just having a real hard time not worrying about what my son is going to do with no job. I guess I'm "making" him turn into a responsible adult. Wow, what a week!!!!!

Join The ChristiaNet Penpals
Hi Kristine, I'd definitely be interested in joining such a group. I'm really struggling to find friendship on christianet. I have depression, and I'm 50.
In Christ

Get Out Of This Marriage
After 30 years, you deserve some compassion and a listening ear, not a judgmental attitude from other women. None of us really know what you've experienced. Some of us who've been in long-term abusive marriages might have an idea. But it's far too complex to really explore it on a forum like this. Your heart's been hurt enough, don't expose it or your choices on here, seek out an opportunity for personal counselling where you can be respected and heard. My heart was quite moved by your post. It would be better to leave your marriage because of the abuse, not for another relationship. One thing at a time. Give the kids a chance to come to terms with one change at a time.

Weight Loss Tips And Scriptures
I started my diet last week today. My weight loss this past week was 7 lbs. For calorie intake I am following weight watchers because I find that to be the easiest to follow. I am journaling everything I eat, and starting each journal entry with scripture. I am also praying for God to intervene. Another important thing I added with my diet this time is water. I am drinking 100 ounces of water a day and I really think it is making the difference. I feel like I have more energy. The rule with the pure water intake(without drink mixes) is to divided your weight by 2 and drink that amount in ounces (not to exceed 100 ounces.) Try it... I can't stand plain water, but I prayed about it, and you know what, I'm really starting to like it now.

Why Are Some Pastors Lazy
You need to find a new church! My 1st concern is "he requested 3 more months paid vacation" and the 2nd is the congregation approved! I don't know of any pastor who recieves more than a few weeks/year. Ours gets 3 and he's been here 10 years. A true pastor does not place himself above the congregation and should be willing to serve/work in every capacity alongside every member of the congregation - no matter the task. I am blessed to witness a man such as this in our pastor. He may be in the pulpit on Sunday, but he'll be digging a trench or plunging a toilet the next day. A true pastor is willing to serve and not expect to be served. I hope you'll be able to find a church with a pastor with a true servant's heart.

What Is A Backslider
I had heard that a backslider was falling back from the highest place you had been...
You are still a christian but perhaps taken up with a few worldly sins again,, They don't have to be horendous.

Wife Trying To Leave Me
I am a wife who left her husband and let me tell you my husband never gave up and prayed for me even harder. My advise dont give up pray and keep telling her how wonderfull she is and how you need her and how much you want to grow in the lord with her. God will give you wisdom to get you through. Do not blame each other just lift each other up, get each other to remember the good times instead of so much of the bad. The past is the past time to march forward with our Father in Heaven leading the way. God Be With You!!

Persecution In America
Yes, It has and is happening to me! I was told by a well known Christian Camp for youth that my services as a nurse were no longer wanted because I led a young 12 year old camper to Jesus Christ. A second camp told me that I was not wanted back because I prayer with the campers and talked about Jesus Christ. This second camp was labeled as a Christian Summer camp. Just this Sunday my husband was told by the pastor that because my husband had talked to some members of the congregation about how to develope a personal intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and didn't ask permission to discuss these things with the Deacons or Pastor first, members felt uncomfortable. We were told we could talk about such things at church! Hey, this is the future!

Prescription Medicine Expensive
Rebec...DON'T stop taking your meds. God has given Drs. the knowledge to help us physcially/mentally. Ask you Dr. or Pharmacy to help you apply for a Drug Assistance Program. Most pharmaceutical companies have them. And...have you applied for SS Disability/SSI? You're in my prayers...keep your chin up! God will provide.

Wife Left Me For No Reason
Are you sure there is not a reason? If I were to leave my husband right now he would swear I did it for no reason. After all in his mind all he is suppose to do is cut the grass and pay the bills. He thinks he is a wonderful husband and I am lucky to have him. But on the flip side, he is very critical, spends no time with me, he's stingy, no time for the kids, no vacation in 20 years, won't go out to eat, won't go to the movies, doesn't care what I want, he tells me that I will never fulfill my goals, would rather watch sports on TV than talk to me. He goes to church on Sunday's and puts on a great show then compares me to women at church and tells me that everyone else has a great wife why can't I be that way. Does any of this sound familiar?

Is Obama Muslim
I can't believe that any Christian would believe this junk. I am a working class Christian woman who believes that those who truly believe this are being totally ignorant and prejudges of the truth and not Christ like at all! Christ would never prejudge this person. Think before you judge and listen before you jump to conclude without thought. This is time for calmness and patience and understand and love, lets not convolute our purpose with hate and misunderstand and misguided beliefs, shall we?

I Want To Divorce My Husband
Who says that verbal abuse is not grounds for divorce? He broke the marriage contract when he failed to love honor and cherish. If you went into the marriage in good faith and have tried to be a good wife and have been faithful but he has verbally abused you I don't see how God would expect you to stay in that relationship.

Next Two Years On Earth
I also agree that the purpose driven church is the worst deception in the world. People write books and they often put in their own doctrine, they interpret the Bible in their own way. We all know what the purpose of the church is and we should read the Word and not some silly book.

Christians Go To College
Secular collegss are of the world and are unhealthy and will tear apart your children from their faith. They are hot beds of unhealthy man made philosophy like evolution and atheistic lifestyle. "You pay for it now and later" as our pastor says.

Explain The Ice Age

I had to look up the word secular and words like worldly and material came up. Our children are not being raised to be worldly or materialist. One defeats the other. A study of mans theory of an ice age would open the door to other worldly views against what we are trying to do bring up children in a biblical home. The Bible does not mention a ice age but does give a timeline in genesis which leaving no room for mans ice age. We have opted or children out of the class.

Explain The Ice Age
Be careful of the wisdom of man. Ice age is something pro-evolution men made up.

Explain The Ice Age
Thank you for the responses. My son's-he is 15- his book says many ice ages happened over a million years. Our church leaders all have different ideas but mostly think i should not worry about it they say 'God did it and thats it.' Our son has a strong interest in science and we plan a trip out west this summer where the 'ice age' happened. We will take our Bible.

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