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Living With A Non Christian
She did not say she was living with a man as a lover, just a non-christian. She didn't even say it was a man.

What about this? If a widow was lonely and a family member (such as a son/nephew/niece, uncle, brother) who had sin in his/her life asked her to come live with him because he loved her and wanted to care for her in her old age, would she be sinning then for living with a sinner? Would she be compromising? I am not asking this in argument, but truly wanting an answer.

Things Make You Happy
Sorry, I know I am not a regular poster on here, but I had to respond to Mike who says that since many evangelists live extravagant lives, he is naming Dr. Stanley as one when he knows nothing about him.

I can tell you that Dr. Stanley does not live in a mansion, nor live an expensive lifestyle. He spends his time in prayer and reading the word and teaching. He lives for the Lord, not for money!

Happily Married Couple Blog
"One of the things the head does is receive input from all over the body and process it."
---Cluny on 2/25/11

Cluny, I have never heard of anyone saying this before about the head and this is so true. If I have a sore toe, the information travels by nerves to the brain, which registers: toe pain! check it out! So, my brain tells my hands to check out my toe and my eyes to see what is the matter. The head would be pretty stupid not to listen to the toe and then needs the assistance of other body parts to do something about it.

37 Year Old Man Marry 20 Year Old
Gustav, Your girl friend is only 17 and you are 48? You have been "dating" for two years, which means she was only 15. I can tell you this, that when I was 15 if a 46 y.o. man had tried to date me, my daddy would have met him a the door with a shotgun! She is just a child. Her body may be fully developed, but her brain is not even fully developed and will continue to develop until she is in her 20s. Please let this girl grow up and find someone closer to your own age.

Which Jesus Is Correct
1st cliff said: If he was from the deep south he might have said "Ah is"

Where did you get that from, watching television Cliff? LOL I am from the South and the only folks who talk like that are African Americans, and then not educated ones. That is ebonic talk, which is found in cities and gettos every where, it is NOT from the deep south. My apologies to educated African American folks who speak correctly.

A Ga Peach,

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