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Married Man Found Dream Lady
Another thing sir..we don't want to be lover's of pleasure more than lover's of God. Doing what is right is not always a pleasure to us. In the long run it will pay off to keep God's commandments. Crucifying the flesh for the love of God and His' kingdom. Think of the soul of the 26yr old..the soul of your wife..the souls of your children(if you have any)..the souls of the lost around you witnessing you if you give in to this great temptation of your life! God will deliver on Him!

Married Man Found Dream Lady
Listen is better not to have made a vow than to make one and break it. Being true to the vows we make sometimes brings tears to our hearts and eyes. One day in Heaven you will be rewarded for being true to your matrimonial vows u made..even if it causes you to be sad. I will pray for your marriage..God loves you. Stay true to Him and you will find true peace that passes all understanding.

Christian Women Are Bad Dates
When I was single and dating, I'd drop a guy in a second who even "acted forward" much less wanted sex before marriage! My(now husband)had respect for me. We married, and had the most beautiful wedding night, as God plans it to be for all who stay pure and wait til marriage to commit marriage acts. There must "surely" still be true christian single women and men around!! Go to prayer sir!!!

Should She Date A Disabled Man
firstto Julie's husband says'"HEYYY!!!" the comment of ALL men being(mentally and emotionally disabled)lol //serious reply..if she loves him, he is "all the man she needs" whatever the physical disability may and love are in the heart..true love goes deeper than physical limitations..

Stop Christians From Giving
Since you say it's "once in a month that your church does this" sounds like it is "not the norm for them to do this practice"..perhaps it's a "fund raiser" type of thing and not "offering"??..

I Am Very Discouraged Right Now
If he loved Jesus, he is enjoying the whole purpose for which he lived..a crown of life & living with the One he loved the most.. Jesus in Heaven. I lost my dear daddy 9yrs ago..I often ask Jesus to give him a"hug"for me when I am missing him so much! If we cast not away our confidence in the Almighty, then one day will be our turn to live forever!May God comfort you & your friend in this time of grief..May He Carry You & hold day He has promised to wipe away all tears from our eyes!

What's Up Blog #4
Pete: so sorry to hear about your job..I will be praying for you(I hope you keep it or get a better one..)// Happy birthday Madison! I hope it is lovely for you. // Everyone else..hiyas!! May you enjoy God's love and blessings daily!! Don't forget to smile and "light your world"..may your "lifesong sing of Him" to those you meet daily!! In God's love..have a gr..rr..eeaaaa..ttt..dayyyy!!! :)))))

Help With Husband's Anger
Daniel. I'm glad your wife did not have to "hit you upside the head w/a two by four"..and that you came to your senses. Very commendable of you to admit and correct a fault. God will bless you for it and for loving your wife and son. You keep going on in Christ. You gooo guy! :)

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