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I Don't Believe In Catholic Ways
Lorra, I just don't feel right praying to Mary, and the Rosary beads. I still feel close to God though. I now know, Jesus is the only way. You see, a friend of mine has been planting good seeds and praying for me. I don't want anyone to think I'm nuts, because I'm of sound mind, but I have had a very spiritual experience when I was alone with God. I know God loves me, and will always look out for me.

Catholic Churches And Pope
I must confess Lisas, Your starting to get to me. I went before the Lord and you make a lot of sense. I know Jesus is the way. Mary Ann

Roman Catholic Abuses
augusta, Donna is right. You can't coddle these priests. Yes, I believe in forgineness and restoration, but will the innocent victims ever be restored? And yes, this happens in the Catholic Church more than anywhere else. I see what's going on, and I'm doing something about it. Someone has to speak out for the abused! - Teresa

What Is A Rosary
Rosary is primarily focused to meditate on the life of Jesus, you use the beads to pray, the hail mary on set of ten beads and single beads we pray the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray which is the Our Father. The life of Jesus we meditate on his passion which consist of the agony in the garden all the way to the crucifixion. It is not looked on as idolizing the rosary nor Mary this is incorrect and only a Catholic that knows what is behind the rosary can correctly answer the question.

Moderator - You are correct it is not looked upon as idolizing to a Catholic. However, to Christians that follow the Bible versus the ways of pagans it is forbidden.

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