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In An Unhappy Marriage
Yes, I believe in God and Jesus. I am married, we are both unhappy. We love each other, but we should never have gotten married. We have two wonderful children and are truely only staying married for the kids. Even then I have believe in the vows I made before GOD. He is having an affair on me and yet I stay =(

Move On After Broken Heart
I'm going through the same thing now, break up with the father of my child after 4 years...but I must say that God have been my cormforter so far...He said that I know each and every hair on your head and I knew what you are going through before you even went through it...What I'm saying is that everything works good for thos who love the Lord...He has greater and better things for us...Rom 8:28

Tell My Wife I Cheated
Are you truly repentant or are you only looking to make yourself feel better? Have you confessed your sin to God because you really understand the error of your ways - not only having betrayed your wife, but grieving God & the Holy Spirit? I would really do some soul-searching here before telling your wife, although, I think you should tell her. If you are truly convicted of your sin & seek forgivenss from God, then pray He will help you tell her. She may still leave, but you should have thought about that before allowing yourself to be in this place of temptation.

Churches Asking For Money
Jesus said "the poor you have with you always."

The Church was established to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and the good news that although ALL are sinners and worthy of eternal punishment in Hell - Jesus saves sinners by repenting and trusting in Him alone.


If the early church had this mentality to give all the money to the poor, the gospel would never have left Jerusalem!

All that we have is God's. God only asks 10% and even then we are to give with a cheerful heart. IF someone poses this question its because they do not want to give to the work of the Lord and see souls saved. When was the last time anyone saw a beggar on the street holding up a sign "Trust Jesus for your sins?"

Divorce My Muslim Husband
He emails you on and off? This was the only basis I could really use in responding to your question - because the bible says that if we are unequally yoked in marriage, we are to stay married.....HOWEVER, if the unbelieving spouse wants to leave, then we should not hold them back from leaving because God wants us to have "peace."

It seems that this spouse of yours is not adamantly saying he wants to be with you? Should he desire to stay, then I would say forgive and pray for God to work on him. Should he desire another woman, then give him what he wants, but be strong! God wraps you in His arms in times like these. Remember He is a good God we serve. Trust in His strength and pray in the Holy Spirit!

Can I Marry A Muslim
I want to note very boldy here that what I am seeing is something that is becoming a trend. We are seeing more and more Muslims in our society today, and face it, we live among them, they among us. It would almost be strange that inter-marriages or at least love interests didn't occur. That, however, doesn't mean it's God's purpose for us.

I am in a relationship with a Muslim man, an Ismaili Muslim (very different from traditional Islam). I have been chastined by God for it and I have needed to seek forgiveness.

Relationships can thrive unequally, it's true. But they will not be Christ-centered, which as we know, is difficult with anything when He is not in the middle.

Can I Marry A Muslim
One more thing folks, I am taking part in the Crescent Project - a ministry based toward Muslims. They need Christ, too. We, as Christians, must take this opportunity when many Christian women are taking Muslim husbands, when Muslims are growing in the U.S., and when Muslims are here to study from other countries where the gospel is banned....we MUST take this opportunity because it is at hand!

See for yourself, just on this website alone, how many women struggle with this. We are the church, and remember, Christ and his church are the MOST powerful thing on earth amen.

Be strong, brothers and sisters - together we are a large entity. Forget the trivial differences! We MUST unite for the sake of souls everywhere.

About To Marry A Non-Christian
I kindof slipped on that one, i married a well as he was anti- but of course during our court-ship, he emphasised w/ my relationship w/ God & acted as if he was a true believer, until about 1yr into our marriage is when i really found out the truth. No he isnt like Satan or anything, all of my family & our friends thinks he is just it! But of course they dont see the real side, anyways.if i had it to do all over again, i would have not given up my single-parent life for anything, sure i have more things, but i am always miserable & left feeling unwanted now that my children are gone!

Verbal Abuse In My Marriage
i am not sure that i agree w/ some of the posts, i know that i am new here but i have been thru this, and i have numerous times done the fasting/praying, & i do see that one response mentioned God taught them not to rebel, well make sure this woman understands, doesnt mean submission..i have continued to submit b/c it seems that is all the answers i receive. 'If i dont put anything into it, it will go away'..well how far do you have to go? How much does a woman have to submit to her husband? I know from my past & present that the more you do, the more they expect & the first time you allow them control over you its over, you can never take it back or change it!

I Hate My Wife
Wow - this is a tough spot to be in. A promise is tested and hard to keep when you feel like dirt. BUT there is GOOD news!!! God's will is for your marriage to survive! That means all you have to do is pray in accordance with His will and you will see mountains move, all you have to do is have faith that He will move it. So, here's your biblical medicine: Pray and tell Jesus that you are asking in accordance with His will for your marriage to succeed and to give you a NEW love for your wife. Ask Him to show you the wonderful things about your wife. Then, act - communicate. Pray TOGETHER. Lastly, keep hope. I believe with all my heart that Jesus will make a way for you! Believe it, brother, He will! I am praying for you!

How To Tell My Ex About God
Witness in silence, by your actions and attitude...let God speak to his heart.

Called To Witness In Bars
I believe our Lord would understand your dislike of going into bars & would be pleased with any harvesting you do in other places. You would be able to tell if you were meant to witness in a bar.

Should Only Men Work Not Women
I've been a stay at home mom for years. I have often thought that if more women were to do the same, then there would be more jobs for the men.

What Is Self Control
Self-control nonbeliever----Could it be a very strong willed persistent person with a goal they are working towards.

A Non-Virgin Looking For Marriage
I have no verse to tell you right now but I can say that you ARE pure in Jesus Christ! He has washed you in His blood and sees you as pure now that you belong to Him! To say that you are a sloppy second is to say that He cannot purify, which is a lie! You are the daughter of God and we all sin sexually at one point or another. If anyone has ever thought of someone in an unpure way, they need the Lord's forgiveness as much as you did after you sinned yourself...xox

Marry A Divorced Woman
I believe that if you repent for past behaviors, and your future wife does the same, that God will not only forgive the sins of the past but He will bless the new union. Of course you will have to go into this with full intent of staying together and living a Godly life! You cannot consider it another problem that can be resolved by divorce should it not work out. This is my humble opinion and cannot be backed up other than forgiveness of general sin and future behavior regarding that repentance.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
If I listened to Joyce and to Carla, then had to decide who I would send my money to, it would be Joyce hands down. I would want her to continue to spread the word of Christ's love for us. I would not want Carla's spiteful, hateful, raving to be continued. She(Carla) seems only to want to defend herself while judging others, and that is not The Message. Period.

Why Ask Personal Question Here
I think that it might be because it is less intimidating and also because one can be shy or afraid to ask and have people answer them with a bad attitude...

Date Many Women At One Time
I can only answer from a personal perspective; if I was dating someone and found out they were dating someone else at the same time they were dating me I would break it off immediately. If I am not number one at this point I won't ever be realistically.

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