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Explain 1 John 3:5-9
The very simple way to understand this is that Jesus was explaining to Nicod. that he had to be born again, by baptism--by water...which symblizes cleansing. Some like to say that it is the process of dying to self, thus being reborn. I know that was quick but space is limited...if you need more let me know!

What Bible Do You Study From
The NIV has words turned around and so scriptures mean differently than what they are supposed too.My husband has researched all the Bibles out there and I had mentioned maybe getting one. So PLEASE just be careful what you read.I know its easier to understand to new Christians.But the KJV is the best.

Is Reading Romance Novels A Sin
harry potter is trash point blank.It is witchcraft and teaches such stuff. There is no in between right or wrong. We as Christians better stand up for the right,and stop letting the devil get his foot on everywhere.Our children are reading this garbage,so the next generation is going to be warped if we dont try and stop it.

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