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How Long Was Your Engagement
While I am not married yet, my parents dated 3 years before getting married. 32 years later and they are still together and going strong praise the Lord.

Read Your Bible Versus Asking
People are seekers by nature. There are times when I read God's answer to my question in the Bible,but I seek someone to break it down to me in language I can understand. You can get an answer from the Book, but it takes wisdom to conceptualize that answer.

Is All Hip Hop Music Bad
ok, I want to try and tackle this.

1. Not all Hip-Hop is bad. I listen to it all the time. The difference is that I listen to Christian Hip-Hop

2. Music is how God speaks to some people. Why do you think there is Christian Rock, Gospel, CCM, Hymns, and the like?

People used to think the rock & roll and soul music of the 1950's and 1960's was straight from the Evil One.

This is going to be a double post so hang on for the rest of the above thought.....

How Do I Forgive Myself
My Friend,
You have to let God console you. God will give your heart peace if you let him in. Time heals all hurt. Pray about this and listen to what God tells you.

What Is Your Best Christian Song
I have 2 faves: Here I am to Worship (Phillips, Craig, & Dean) Redeemer (Hillsongs)

I also like I am the Bread of LIfe (News at Eleven)

Favorite Book Of The Bible
I love the Proverbs. It's practical knowledge/wisdom that even a knucklehead like me can understand (-:

Have a blessed day everyone!!

Should Only Men Work Not Women
I was raised in a 2-income family. My mom has always worked (college professor) & my dad too. They were there for every dance recital, every band competetion, every track meet, etc. They made it work & I think communication & compromise are the key. As long as GOD & the kid(s) are loved, there's no reason both hubby & wife can't work.

Should I Change Degrees
WOW! Thanks everyone for the advice. I needed to see some other's people's opinions about this as I am coming up on this last year B4 I graduate. I am feeling frustrated that I am having this internal battle. But I know what I need to do. Thanks to everyone who replied.

Any Alternative Medicine Views
I am a FIRM FIRM believer in natural medicine. In Jesus's day, there wasn't all this synthetic medicines we have now. I see nothing wrong with using the natural medicine of GOD's earth. That's what it's here for.

Let's Exchange Marquee Sayings
Here's a few good ones:

No Jesus, No Peace...Know Jesus, Know Peace
Happiness is an inside job
We need to talk....God

Hope these help.

Is All Hip Hop Music Bad
Mr7788, you could not have said it better. The Psalms as well as other Books in the Bible talk about people singing and dancing praises to God.

And to think there are churches that BAN this behavior. It's sad there is such hypocrasy(sp?) among God's people. If the Holy Spirit moves you so powerfully that you have to jump and shout--go for it! This is turning out to be an interesting blog.

Speak In Tougues Mean
More on tongues. Let's say that you speak in Arabic during a Bible Study class and that's not your mother language, then there needs to be an interpretation of what was said so that all can benefit.
1 Corinthians 14:5, 13-14->These verses are talking about the Spiriutal gift of interpretation and speaking in tongues. There's also stuff in Acts 2:1-4 & Mark 16:17. As I am looking @ my Bible, they translate the Greek "tongues" to say languages as I mentioned. Hope this helps.

Speak In Tougues Mean
Ok, here's what I have been told about tongues:
The Latin root for 'tongue' is the same word we use in English to mean language. I think the word is similar to the word "idiom" if you know what that means.

In other words, if you speak a foreign language you are speaking in another "tongue". More Biblically speaking, If you are talking to God and the Holy Spirit gives you utterance, that is a private tongue between you and God.

What Brings You Happiness
What simple thing makes me happy??


Yummy in my tummy *lol*

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