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Divorce Separated Spouse
Since your husband is not even paying child support, you need to get a seperation agreement, that's legal. But don't give up on him yet, and try to work on your relationship for your children. Demand he be a father and a grown up taking responsibility for his decision and his kids. Accept nothing less. It does not mean he will returned. Seek help and counsel from a Godly source for both of you. Your pain does not have to last a lifetime.

My Boyfriend Is Always Too Busy
First, don't jump to any conclusions. Christ said 'Judge not...' go to him in a spirit of understanding. Ask if there is something troubling him and if he says not tell him what you have noticed and how it makes you feel. Wait for his reaction. You may be surprised to find that he did not realize what it is doing to you. If he does not respond positively move on giving him your blessings. Remember you are God's child and deserve the best.

Right To Marry A Divorced Man
Your question implies two things. One he was not a believer when he married and two he became a believer after he was divorced. Christ called us all to marry only once, but given his lack of belief, it seems to me that he never took his 1st vows seriously. The question you have to ask yourself is whether he is being completely honest. You do not want to be his second divorce

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